Monday, 14 December 2015

30 weeks - I've got my Winston home - and a cold

30 weeks and going strong

Good morning ladies and gents, I hope you all had a great weekend.

First things first – I’VE GOT MY WINSTON BACK :-) he’s still Winston but so much more attentive, calm and well behaved. He now walks beautifully on the lead, his feeding routine, commands and play are all different and we need to practice hard with his to make sure that all the last 4 weeks hard work is built on and not neglected. He’s now whistle trained so I’m hoping that he can go off lead and know he’s going to come back to us.

Since last Friday I’ve been full of cold, my sinuses and ears have been horrid. Being honest with myself, I’ve brought this on myself over the last few weeks, I’ve overdone things, burnt the candle not only at both ends but a little in the middle too. Three days of Berocca, Paracetamol and some serious rest and I’m now feeling a lot better. As usual it didn’t stop me doing anything it just made it more difficult.

I’ve learnt a big lesson this weekend – Oxygen Therapy and a head cold are not compatible – We got to 20ft and my ears were agony it hurt so much. Fortunately my fellow gas chamber people have seen this happen to people before and so had the Operator, they slowed the descent down and kept checking on me. We finally made it to 33ft, my ears felt like someone elses fingers were wedged in there and I was profoundly deaf but at least the awful pain had stopped. When the chamber re-compressed it felt like Snap Crackle and Pop were having a party in my ears with about 30 of their friends :-) By the time it was fully back to normal pressure it all calmed down, my hearing had returned and the popping in my ears had stopped, I did feel my usual great afterwards – well apart from the clogged sinus’s and the blocked ears :-)

Month 7 blood test and peeing in a bottle happened on Friday so I’m expecting my results shortly. I will publish them here there and everywhere. I suspect the results this month will be quite funky what with the cold and everything so I’m not going to worry too much about which way they go.

A grand total on ZERO Christmas presents were purchased over the weekend – total season fail :-( That officially leaves us with one weekend (which we’re back to Tunbridge Wells for Training with Winston Saturday – double booked myself so I’m going to have to rearrange Oxygen Therapy.

Complete Tracy Fail.

I refuse to get wound up about this …. I’m off to Amazon Prime to go hump that free delivery that I inadvertently ended up with because I forgot to cancel the 30 day free trial :-)

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