Monday 7 December 2015

29 weeks and considering roller skating EEEK

Week 29 already and it’s going so very fast. It took most of the week to recover from last weekends over exertion, but by Friday I was back on form again. Amber-Dog spent the day at the vets again having surgery on an ulcer on her left eye treated so that’s both eyes done in the space of a month. I’m rather hoping the claim to pet plan gets paid quickly this time as another £200 bill just before Christmas isn’t ideal.

I sat outside for ages on Friday night reading a book and oh boy did I pay for that on Saturday morning, my left hip seized to completely. I couldn’t lie down, sit down, stand up or make any kind of movement without being in the most excruciating agony. My pain tolerance is pretty high – I’ve broken bones and not had them treated for days, but good grief this was something else Gareth was gobsmacked when. I relented and took one of my remaining stash of CoProxamol for it (distalgesic) it’s the only pain killer that ‘really’ works on me but since it was removed from the prescribed lists globally because people had been using it to take their own lives it’s incredibly hard to get. Finding a doctor willing to prescribe it is hard, a pharmacist who’s willing to issue it is even harder. I now have 7 left of the 100 I was prescribed in February 2010  - time to start seeing who I can get the prescription from (I’ve found a pharmacist in Halifax who’s willing to dispense it) I’m hoping Dr C will write it up for me when I see her in February.

MS wise everything remains on a nicely even keel, no symptoms surfacing, all remitted symptoms remain gone and life is lovely and normal for me.  I’m even contemplating getting my roller skates out of hibernation when Winston comes home on Sunday so that he can have a proper run in the park instead of a stroll around it at my natural speed. Definitely need to practice without a dog first to see if a) I can balance on them at all, b) if I’m likely to kill myself in the process c) what my energy levels are like - I can’t think of anything worse than getting a long way from home or the car and not being able to get back. You must think I’m an idiot contemplating this after I pretty much broke myself last weekend and the one before overdoing things, but if you don’t ask you don’t get and if I try and the answer for now is no – well I’ll ask again another time and keep trying until the answer is yes.

We now have a total of 2 Christmas presents purchased (managed a whole ONE gift over the weekend) At this rate we might be ready for Christmas by next summer :-( On a bright note I’ve not only remembered my Sister In Law’s birthday this year, I’ve sent a gift and card too which should be arriving on time. My brother if he could, would be phoning my husband and asking who I was and what I’ve done with Tracy as I’m clearly an alien replica of myself which is more efficient than the original :-)

First Christmas without any of my immediate family this year, off to Wales to spend it with Aunty Kathy for the first time in many years (I think Christmas 2003 was the last time) Looking forward to some serious down time with loved ones very much.

Hope everyones plans for the holiday season are progressing with more success than mine. Stay well


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