Tuesday 1 December 2015

28 weeks and going strong

This week should be called ‘The things you do and The Price you pay’
In hindsight driving up to Birmingham Thursday night was a fantastic idea and a terrible one all at the same time
Fantastic because we were on the door step for the show and no need to get up at a time that’s only respectable if you’re still partying from the night before
Terrible because we both treated it as a night to party which involved far too many extortionately expensive cocktails, a very late night and a hangover in the morning.
When going to a food a drink show with many lovely tasters on offer and lots of walking to be done, having a hangover is a distinct mistake – It was probably early afternoon before I felt human enough to appreciate all that was on offer. By the end of the day though I was pretty badly busted – my back and hips were in terrible pain – I put this down to the fact that I’m a lazy mare who spends my life sitting on my considerable arse and am simply not used to being on my feet and mobile for that length of time at all. It was a very long slow walk back to the hotel to collect the car and move to the St John’s in Solihull with some much needed pain relief and a long hot bath.
Friday night at the St Johns with Aunts and Uncle, Sister in Law and her mum was a nice get together before the furtive sneak onto the golf course on Saturday morning. We only put Nana’s ashes where we had put Mum and Dads (Mum was still there 18 months on and I could still see where she was – I had a little chat with her – contrary to popular myth it actually takes a really long time for ashes to disappear it’s not all romantic floating away on the breeze like it is in films) Karen has told us that Knowle Church where my brothers funeral was held can put up a plaque for him if his ashes are there with it. There was no way Ian was leaving Knowle – he loved it there, his life, friends and work were there, it seems right and fitting that since you couldn’t get the boy out of Knowle he is immortalised there forever hopefully out the front where he can see the pub and his friends can wave to him on the way past.
We had a nice drive up to Halifax and arrived at lunchtime, great to see the family and catch up but a very short visit and we need to have a decent visit up there at some point. Steve’s homemade Burrito’s for dinner – YUM YUM I sat drooling while he was cooking and by the time it was ready to be served I’d happily have gnawed on my own arm.
Sunday was the long drive back home again, not too bad, a new route through the midlands courtesy of the traffic management sat nav thingy but home in time to collect Amber and be there to receive the shopping delivery (thank goodness for online grocery shopping – we would probably be feral by now if that wasn’t an option)
Monday I made it to work, but that’s really as good as it gets, I had what I thought was a headache most of the day and when it got to 15:30 I decided to throw in the towel and head home – finish the day from the sofa. I stood up and the world tilted sideways – BOOM – guess what Tracy – It’s been 15 months since your last one, but HERE’S MIGRAINE. I made it home and slept off the worst of it but oh boy was that one a surprise. I’ve known for weeks that I was going to pay a price for the weekends activity, it’s not a surprise at all, it’s not the treatment or a relapse, it’s just overdoing it and I need to rest up and get myself back on an even keel.
I was supposed to call and get an update on Winston yesterday but I was so whacked out of it that I forgot – I’m an awful person – how could I forget my baby boy just because I had a bad head :-( I’m hoping to hear from the trainer shortly with an update.
So happy December boys and girls, have you all been good this year? Personally I think being bad is far more enjoyable especially if it’s with great company :-)
Have a great week xxx

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