Monday, 4 January 2016

Week 33 - A New Year and it's looking bood

A little late but wishing you all a Happy New Year, I hope 2016 is a year full of love and happiness for you all. For those of you awaiting Lemtrada I hope that it stops your progression dead in its tracks and that over the next couple of years delivers the benefits as advertised by big pharma.

The holidays for me have been lovely, just the break that I needed, I could have done without having a  cold for the last 3 weeks which I’m still trying to shift, the cough is being particularly persistent and annoying but overall I’m back to my usual terribly boring feeling ‘normal’ baseline.

I had another oxygen therapy on Saturday which once again  helped with any persistent tiredness and general 43 year old achy bits, and now the cold isn’t in my sinus’s and ears any more was significantly more comfortable than the last 2 before Christmas.

Amber-dog update, she started heaving a little and shaking again last night but some fresh air, rainwater and calming voice and head rubs seemed to bring her back to normal. I’m still somewhat concerned that she might be fighting an infection of some type so I’ll be keeping a close eye on her over the next 48 hours or so.

Winston-Dog update, he’s a changed pup since his 4 week training, he can go off lead now when he’s on walks, he’s still using the long line a lot as his recall isn’t quite as perfect as we would like but he’s getting there. He’s certainly a happier pup for it, and he’s still Winston – he steals socks but now puts them down when he’s told to (mostly) and is a complete lap dog if you let him be one. He was awesome over Christmas with Gareth’s nieces, just wanted cuddles and love and to give them lots of puppy dog kisses.

This year I have made only one New Year resolution. It’s to have a happy year filled with Love and Fun and Good Health. I think after the last few years I’m due one that’s just plain old uneventful :-)

I’m looking forward to May and round 2 of lemtrada, I’ve slacked off a lot of late with my vitamin regime and it’s time to start that up properly again to a) shift this blasted cold b) be in top form for round 2, so the same preparations as last time since it worked so well for me.  Lovely Oxygen, lots of vitamins and minerals designed to combat the usual reports post treatment, get the water levels back up nice and high and try to get plenty of rest.

Overall my general update for this last week is all is good, Epicness continues and life is great.

Much virtual love, antibacterial handshakes and air kisses to you all

Tracy xxxx

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