Monday, 11 January 2016

Week 34 - only 20 weeks until Lemtrada Part Deux - bring it on :-)

34 weeks – How time flies when you’re having fun. My first week back at work after the Christmas and New Year holiday wasn’t anywhere near as awful as it could have been (sometimes holidays are even more tiring than working – I’ve come back to work for a rest) In Berkshire it’s been raining pretty much none stop all week making everything rather ‘swampy’ for want of a better description, all but 2 fields where we walk the dogs is now looking like lakes.

Saturday morning I headed up to go for my oxygen treatment and then in the space of 5 seconds I used every bad word I know in a single sentence – driving along and a car pulled up to a junction on the right hand side of me then turned right directly in front of me. (those of you who drive on the wrong side of the road will be wondering why this is a problem – in the UK we drive on the correct side of the road – the right ;-) xx ) I so very nearly stopped before the impact and the damage to the cars was minimal (well mine is fairly broken lights bumper, bonnet is a bit squewiff. All things considered just a prang, nobody hurt and as I said minimal damage. Ended up giving the elderly man and his wife a hug and telling them it was all okay – cars can be mended and replaced, people can’t, we’re all unhurt so it’s fine, before we parted ways after exchanging insurance details. (It’s probably good they didn’t hear my words in the car as they pulled out of that junction – me reputation as being a fairly nice person would have been in tatters)

Sunday morning was a lovely sunny day and we took the dogs up to the swamps for a run, Winston is such a pleasure to walk these days, he does as he’s told, he’s calm and most of all attentive and responsive. The fresh air blew out all the cobwebs from a week indoors hiding from the rain and it was just generally a lovely walk.

Month 8 blood and pee tests are being taken this Friday. It will be interesting to see what they are (yes I know I’m weird that my results fascinate me) having had the winter lurgy and watched the handy video’s on the immune system function posted by Glenn on the Facebook group my layman’s mind says that fighting the infection will have possibly boosted by Lymphocyte levels faster than the normal monthly increase because they went to war for a little while there. The video links to the three short films in here for you all, they’re really helpful in understanding how our immune system works and what is impacted, and how it is impacted in relation to Lemtrada treatment.

All in all I remain symptom and relapse free with life being a pleasure to live and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to have had Lemtrada and get my life back from the MonSter

Virtual love, germ free hugs,, anti-bacterial handshakes and sending positive healing thoughts to you all

Tracy xxx

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