Friday, 10 July 2015

Week 7 done and Dusted - Lalalalala I win

That's another week done then, so far I've sailed through this problem / side effect free and I've seen improvements that have stayed with me. For me, for my MS and my life this treatment has been absolutely the right choice.
After the high energy activities at the start of the week, it's taken all week to catch up on the sleep I lost in that uncomfortable bed in the Holiday Inn, but then I've not gone to bed particularly early and made a concerted effort at going to bed early or sleeping for longer. I know it makes me a weirdo, but as much as I like not being tired, I'm not really a lover of sleeping. Gareth can stay in bed for hours, just snoozing on and off, I can't do that, once I'm awake I give nodding off again one chance and then that's it I have to get up - I simply can't just lay there and keep dozing on and off, of course the downside is that recovering fully from lack of sleep takes longer :-)
The sensation loss in my left arm is still a little more than it's been since it improved after treatment, but it IS better than it was so that's a bonus. The upper part of the left arm - the Bicep bit seemed to feel 'heavier' than it should be for the last couple of days a little like there's a resistance band round it making it heavier to move, but this morning it's back to normal - I'll keep an eye on it as the day wears on, it might be something that gets more pronounced with tiredness  - More later :-)
For once I have a blissful weekend of doing not a lot at all (I think unless MS brain has forgotten something -  just checked my phone calendar it doesn't say anything but then again MS Brain might have not put it in there :-) ....)
In different news I'm Working From Home today and while it's not going to torture Gareth I've put 50 Shades of Complete and Utter Twaddle on Pay Per View .. I've tried to read the first book, it's terribly badly written, the supposedly great love scenes were dull and uninspiring and in comparison to some Mills and Boon / Silhouette books I've read just a bit crap really - lets see if the film is less tedious .... if it's really rubbish like the book it's being turned off :-) Just paid attention to the first half hour and to be honest it's not looking hopeful .... that said it's a lot less disappointing than the book - perhaps it helps if your expectations are exceedingly low to start with, how bad could it really be  :-\
Oxygen Therapy booked in for 11:45 tomorrow morning which will put me back to being uber epic (especially if I catch an hour and a half snooze in the tank :-)

The sun is shining, it's a beautiful day, what more could I ask for

Virtual hugs, Air kisses and Anti-Bacterial Handshakes for you all xxx

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