Monday, 13 July 2015

Mid week 8 update

Greeting ladies and gentlemen - welcome to Monday :-)

Sitting in my containment facility at work staring wistfully at life outside my bubble and wishing I was back in general population again. Roll on Friday and my second set of blood and pee tests, it seems odd to be excited about my bone marrow building me a new immune system after I've just so brutally squished the one I had, but as much as I'm comfortable with my own company I'm getting quite bored of myself now :-)
I got a fair amount of rest over the weekend, the tinglies in my left hand are back to being mild again, and the heavy feeling my left arm is gone, I'm putting that down to being excessively tired and will report it to my neuro and MS nurse as such (although I believe they are both subscribed to here now - Hi Sarah, Hi Margaret xxx)
I'm now putting a lot of my mental energy into doing battle with the people who are doing our Conveyancing work for our house purchase - I'm living good and healthy on my diet and off the wine I need something to take my frustration out on and they will do :-) .... that and we're paying a fortune for specialist legal advice and I found the job spec for the Muppet we're dealing with and it looks just like a call centre specification to me - certainly not the highly trained legal representative we were under the impression we were paying for :-(
MS wise I can confirm the following :
  • Currently all previously reported improvements are still in place :-)
  • I have no fatigue or weakness that I can report :-)
  • No additional noticeable improvements to report at this time.
I had another oxygen therapy on Saturday morning which as always left me feeling great and full of life. The PPMS sufferer in the tank with me baldly informed me that my father in law can't possibly be PPMS because he's not in a wheelchair and being looked after by carers this long after diagnosis - Steve if you're reading this I'm sure you're relieved to know you're diagnosis is wrong and will be getting that diagnosis revoked immediately *shakes head sadly* ..... sometimes the most intolerant people about MS are other MS'ers themselves who seem envious of other's who don't have the same disability they do, or worse dismissive of the symptoms that you do have because it's 'Their MS is worse than yours'. Everyone's MS journey is different, we don't all have the same symptoms or reactions, our bodies betray us all in different ways and the psychological effect of that betrayal impacts each of us in a different way. We need to be as tolerant and understanding of each other as we want others to be of us.
We managed to get almost all the weekend chores out of the way in the afternoon leaving Sunday blissfully free to just lurk and rest which was great. I'd also done Sunday Dinner MS Styleeeee :-)
  • Chuck beef short ribs in the slow cooker
  • Add a little balasamic, piri piri spice blend, a couple of anchovies and a handful of new postato's
  • Put lid on and walk away for 9 hours ......
  • 30 minutes before serving - microwave a cauliflower whole for 2 minutes
  • Mix together fat free yogurt, a heaped tablespoon of wholegrain mustard, a tablespoon of grated parmesan - slather liberally over the Cauliflower and put it in the oven for 20 minutes with some more parmesan sprinkled on top to roast
Okay so you probably think the Cauliflower is a bit weird - but trust me it was really lovely as a side dish. a whole 5 minutes of effort in total for an epic Sunday dinner without slaving over the cooker all day, as you can see from the picture below - it's so pretty :-)

Bless my boss he's just stood outside my quarantine room a couple of minutes before our weekly 1-2-1 and told me he's a plague monster, coughing and sneezing so he's calling me from the other side of the glass for our weekly catch up :-)
Best wishes, air kisses, virtual hugs and anti-bacterial handshakes to you all :-)
Stay strong xxx

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