Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Mid week 7 and it's all looking great

Hi Ladies and gentlemen, so how've you all been ? Hope life is treating you well and that you're looking after yourselves or being looked after well.
First day of being in the office this week after my 2 days 'off' that involved lots of driving and doing the professional photography for one of Gareth's former Army colleagues wedding. It's been a while since I did a wedding shoot and I'd forgotten how much hard work they were. I have aches in places I'd forgotten could ache from all the bending down, sitting down, squatting down, lying down and then all the getting back up again. Clearly I've favoured my left leg in all this (which pre treatment was my weakest and most collapsible leg and I would never have favoured) because my left ass cheek is quite sore :-).
Two nights in the Holiday Inn Express in Droitwich Sunday & Monday night - I have to say the beds were not overly comfortable so I've had disrupted sleep. A little numbness has returned to my left arm, and the electric sensations in my skin have worsened over the last few days, it might just be that I'm so tried after the weekend and the wedding work and it's amplifying things a bit. Early night for me tonight in my own bed after a nice healthy dinner.
My next appointment with my Neurologist is August 6th, I'm chasing to see if I will get an MRI done before the appointment - I'm very eager to see if the treatment has 'turned off the lights' in my brain and spine. I'm sure it will have but the project manager (control freak) in me wants to see the initial test results :-)
I've decided that in order to support my recovery and improvement that I'm starting a diet that I've done before. It means I pay lots of attention to my calorie intake, vitamins and minerals and it also means that I will not be drinking alcohol for the foreseeable future (house move weekend is excluded from that). I think it's important to make everything about your life be as healthy and good for you as possible - without being completely boring - a little of what's bad for you should always be encouraged.
House move after a couple of weeks on a go slow seems to be ramping up again, hopeful we will be in our new house by the end of the month (not this weekend as I'd originally hoped) and so very excited about that.
Germ free hugs, air kisses and Anti Bacterial handshakes to you all

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