Tuesday 21 July 2015

Mid Week 9 update

Hi ladies and gents, hope you're all doing well
Where did the time go ? It's Tuesday, my test results are due in today *allegedly* (text chat with the lovely Margaret my MS nurse says today / tomorrow) so hopefully some improvement to my Lymphocyte counts again from the meagre 0.09 they were last month. MS wise I'm nice and stable, no deterioration or further improvements to report at this point that I can credit to the Lemtrada, just the improvements I've previously recorded are holding and some other improvements that I've gone into more detail on below :-)
Consider adding Turmeric to put a little spice into your life and health
I've added to my personal regime the inclusion of Turmeric in the form of the 'golden paste' recipe. I did a lot of research into the healing effects of adding Turmeric into your diet and decided not just because of the MS, but because I'm 43 and a bit creaky with many many years of back and hip problems prior to MS making itself known that it couldn't do any harm. One of the best resources I found was a Facebook group which is here : https://www.facebook.com/groups/415313751866609/959466944117951/?notif_t=like
The beginners guide for using Turmeric in a way that can be very beneficial for your health is here :
Now if you've read that link and your eyebrows are going up seeing the words Humans-Horses-Cats-Dogs-ferrets-mice-chickens-CAMELS :-O then the humans only guide is here :
The top 6 benefits of introducing Turmeric into your regime are as follows :
1. Skin Health - Can help in the treatment of inflammatory skin conditions and speed up wound healing.
2. Arthritis - Alleviates pain and movement constriction in arthritic humans, horses, dogs and cats.
3. Immunity - Builds up resistance to infection and speeds up curative effects of medicine, and noticeably shortens virus activity.
4. Cancer - Lots of evidence in published literature of positive effects of turmeric on various types of cancer cells.
5. Dementia - Decreases amyloid plaque (an abnormal protein) in human brains. Also works well in improving the activity level and socialisation in old dogs.
6. Liver Detoxifier - Increases the levels of glutathione (a major anti-oxidant and conjugating agent) in the liver which is used to detoxify and eliminate harmful compounds.
This list is re-published from it's original source : http://www.turmericlife.com.au/ and I have approval from the team to republish it here, so please click the link, take a look with an open mind and generate Doug and his site lots of lovely new traffic :-)

I've been on the 'Golden Paste' now for 3 days and I have to say I woke up this morning and just got out of bed without my usual 'oooooh, creak, groan, shuffle to the bathroom slowly hoping everything loosens up soon' and it was a really lovely feeling.

Both the dogs are also now on the paste as well just mixed in with their food twice a day, and the 9 year old epileptic Beagle is also full of bounce and seems to be benefiting from it as well, she's running up stairs again comfortably all the time rather then sort of dragging herself up slowly half the time which is great to see. Just need to work out how to get BamBam the elderly cat to eat it now .... that could be more complicated :-/ (possibly less complicated than getting Gareth to take it - he's resisting strongly ..... GRRR .... don't complain to me next time your Sciatica plays up husband :-)
I can't say that Turmeric in the Golden Paste form tastes great - it certainly takes some getting used to but I have to say that so far my experience of it is exactly as listed on the immediate benefits that the Facebook group and the Turmeric life website details  in the Arthritic section, less pain and less inflammation in my joints, I can only hope that the same is happening on a wider scale through my body - particularly in my brain and spine where the MS inflammation makes a thorough nuisance of itself.
I know I'm completely skewing the results of my personal lab-rat testing by introducing a new variable without a baseline MRI at 2 months post before introducing Turmeric but then I'm a project manager - introducing a new work-stream to improve productivity is natural to me :-)
I hope everyone is looking after themselves and supporting their treatment choices.
Love, virtual hugs, air kisses and Anti-Bacterial handshakes for you all

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