Thursday, 2 July 2015

Week 6 end of week update

Hi Ladies and Gents
So it's the end of week 6 post infusions.
Improvements Status :
  • I can still feel my legs
  • I still have some feeling in my left arm and trunk of my body
  • I don't have foot drop
  • I don't have Spaghetti leg
  • I don't have any fatigue
  • I don't have any cog-fog
The pesky tooth ache is still there, but it is getting better now :-) (and no I've not been to the docs to get it checked properly) I have my next oxygen treatment booked for Saturday morning a 33ft one so it's the big one with the most benefit :-)
I stayed up until 2am this morning watching the world cup semi final, England against Japan - a fantastic game, I really thought England could win it. The awful own goal in extra time that meant we lost the match was heart-breaking. I saw so much more heart, enthusiasm and pride in the England Ladies team than I've seen in the England men's team in the last 10 years combined - shame on the England Men's team for being so gutless and uninspiring :-( Needless to say today as the alarm went off at 06:30 I've had 4 1/2 hours sleep and I'm very tired, I'm also quite weak and shaky, but it's lack of sleep not MS or treatment related - Tonight is going to be a nice easy, get home, eat dinner, snuggle up on the sofa using a dog as a pillow and until Gareth tells me it's time for bed I am planning to be doing a lot of this :-)

The house purchase seems to be on a go slow right now, no change in status in a week, out solicitors assure us that the hold up is up the chain and it's us waiting for them :-/ - am I a cynic in wondering how true all that is :-)
Love, germ free hugs, air kisses and antibacterial handshakes to you all xxx

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