Friday 21 February 2020

4yrs 9 mths - It's safe - I'm 'normal' again

We go to collect Ambers’ ashes from the pet crematorium on Saturday which I’m sure will be emotional, I have a print of her paw print to collect and a ceramic impression of her paw print. I’ll be getting another tattoo in the coming weeks so she can leave her paw print on me for ever. Need to have a think about where to have it and a design for it. I’m thinking something with a flower or brightly coloured butterfly

There really wasn’t much else happened last week, mostly feeling sad and recovering from storm Cali and preparing for storm Dennis … both had us holed up in the house avoiding the high winds and rain, K9 Pleasure Park is waterlogged and surrounded by great big trees which have a tendency to fall down so it was closed for the safety of both people and dogs.

 I have my monthly bloods this Friday only this set and 3 more to go (and they might yet morph into a different set in prep for Ocrevus assuming it’s approved by the board) I’ve now joined some of the Ocrevus communities to learn more about the treatment. Things I thought I knew but was wrong about …. First infusion is done in 2 parts 2 weeks apart not in one go, then after that all in one go …. Okay then J

Last week (and the 2 weeks before I guess when Amber was so poorly) seems to have really sucked every last drop of energy out of me. I took the dogs to a new Private Hire park yesterday for a run, they had a whale of a time with new sniffs, new trees, a whole load of agility equipment that they had absolutely no idea what to do with. The hut was warm and dry with a comfy clean chair running water and power – for the KETTLE …. Cup of coffee and a biscuit while the dogs run themselves to sleep – don’t mind it I do thank you very muchly. So what I was going to say before I got distracted was that walkies was okay because it involved far less walking and far more sitting with a cup of coffee supervising (which with given low energy levels was perfect and Winston and Bella had a ball – and lost 2 balls J).

We’re getting there with the quotes to get the bathroom sorted out although the tiler the plumber usually uses seems to have vanished off the face of the earth so I’ve contacted a local one who comes highly recommended by many people in our local community Facebook group to get a quote from him.

Last I guess is a reflection of my madness, I looked at the rescue page for the rescue we got Winston from and I saw a beautiful boy who might make an awesome addition to our pack. I mentioned that I’d looked at their pages to Gareth and that they had a lovely hound there, when he asked which one I told him and showed the picture and he said he’d seen him too …… I guess we need to have a chat tonight about things and see if it’s something we both want / need and if it would be the right choice for us and the pups.

So that’s it for this week, I’m me again and no longer a weepy mess (tomorrow will be the exception) I can think of her with a smile and with my eyes rolling (her snoring and farting were legendary – particularly the farts which could literally have people retching with tears rolling down their faces J)

So as usual it's taken me all week to get round to finishing this and publishing it - it's now Friday

Got stabbed this morning … 3 months of Lem Bloods left to make the 5 years …. Then the new stuff to follow on.

Love and germ free hugs to you xxx

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