Tuesday 25 February 2020

4+9+1 (Years, months weeks) progress at last (not MS progression)

Happy Monday (note I’m aware sometimes this may take a few days before I finally get round to publishing so I’m adding the frame of reference early J - a bit defeatist I know, but let’s face it is more the norm than the exception)

We still have 2 dogs, Albert was an awesome and sweet boy and absolutely massive (the MS in me loved I could stroke him without even trying to bend down LOL) however he’s a hound, they have a particular way of playing and it’s quite boisterous and whilst Winston has no idea that he’s short and was clearly leader of the pack, Bella was very intimidated by him when he went into play mode and it could be damaging to her confidence hoping she would get used to it. He will make someone an awesome pet, but not our awesome pet.
I’ve done a massive amount of walking this weekend (for me) and whilst I’ve knackered myself doing it, I feel a sense of achievement for it – whilst sleeping on the sofa watching the TV through my eyelids to catch up obviously J

We have a tiler coming round to quote tonight for the bathroom to work with the plumber, a person coming to do the gardening regularly on Friday, and once all that is done hopefully that’s the lot for the big expensive house stuff for a while (please let it be the end for a while).
Woohoo – on a completely unrelated note, I now have a fully functioning set up at work now.  A real keyboard and a laptop that can plug into the dock on my desk so I don’t have to always have a power supply plugged in (seriously this is like waking up and discovering it’s not the 1960’s any more)

We’ve reactivated Gousto for a couple of weeks for dinner inspirations – it’s seriously made us much better at just whipping something up from some bits and pieces and a few store cupboard ingredients – plus it means I use all those mysterious ingredients I bought for the odd recipe and wasn’t sure what else to do with them – many bottles of things for Chinese type recipes are now being regularly used.
We have Friday off to attend a wedding in Bletchley which I’m very much looking forward too. Of course this requires a sitter for the pups as we will be gone several hours so I’m currently waiting for quotes from Tailster but checking other options with our regular pet friends too.(Tuesday Edit – All sorted Denise is coming to stay with them

SHIIIT – Just realised that the gardener chap is coming Friday --- ARSE ---- messed that up royally – re-plan re-plan DAGNAMMIT L (Tuesday Edit --- all sorted he’s coming on Wednesday instead – erm that’s tomorrow - YAY)
Bloods were taken last Friday – I’ve currently been the first person in the queue on the phone to the doctors to get my results for nearly 10 minutes, so lets see which happens first – I’ll finish updating this and publish without results because I’m still on hold, or there might be results in here J (of course if I’m still on hold and I don’t publish this for another day I might not be quite so chirpy about it LOL) (Tuesday update – I’m now picking the paper form of them up from the doctors and will *allegedly* remember to pick them up on the way home so I’ll publish them tomorrow)

Dammit – it’s Tuesday
 – YAY it’s Tuesday
-        Shrove Tuesday

YAY for pancakes, boooooo for not having published this yesterday though.
In my defence after a day at work then coming home to meet with the tiler (very nice man) and being so tired after the weekend I forgot to pick up my blood results last night and then just forgot everything else I needed to do.

Bella is still being rather odd since we lost Amber, it’s almost like she is afraid of the lawn in the back garden and she has taken to toileting in one of the borders and just running round the patio. We’re hoping that with some tidying up in the garden (tomorrow) and time she comes round. It must be so confusing for them, she just went away, the humans are sad and they don’t understand where their friend went. All we can really do is give her lots of love in the meantime.
Hope you’re well and making the most of life


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