Tuesday 26 March 2019

3yrs 44 wks - Being bankrupted by pets and blood results

Very ouchie weekend – yet another thing to add to the lit of ‘things Tracy is allergic to’ – my new very expensive face cream. It would appear when applying it I got it far too close to my eyes and I’ve spent all weekend like I’ve been punched in both eyes, they’re puffy and feel burnt and bruised and they've been feeling like that since last Friday - it has been horrid. Anti-Histamine’s are in full use and needless to say I’m steering well clear of the cream for a few days which sadly will probably make my eczema play up  and make my face all dry and flaky but at least my eyes won’t look swollen half closed, red and horrid.
My car is all sorted with the paint protection and the interior protection applied again and Bob is installed back in the car – I’ve done everything I wanted and needed to, but I was very aware that he wasn’t there; it’s odd how insecure I felt without him.

Busy week for vet visits, Amber has her annual Phenobarbital blood check tomorrow which we are hopeful should come back with the usual ‘all okay’ output. Bella is being ‘done’ on Friday (assuming the contrary mare doesn’t come into season again before then)
I’m also being taken out on ‘date night’ by Gareth on Wednesday, off to the Showcase to watch the film Fisherman’s Friends which I suspect is going to be funny and poignant and may well make me cry buckets. (hopefully my eyes less stingy and burn-y by then or salty tears are going to be a nightmare)

The sun is shining here in Berkshire, spring is in full swing with daffodils blooming, new growth is coming in on the trees and the days are longer and lighter. It certainly makes for a much more ‘up’ feeling being able to take the dogs to the park for a run in daylight rather than in the dark wrapped up like we are going on a polar trek with head torches, flashing dog collars and glow in the dark balls. Wet muddy dogs needing a bath when they get home, the bathroom looking like a muddy tornado passed through it. Just sitting in the garden with a glass of something in the evening sunshine
It’s now Tuesday – I wrote the above yesterday, I’m back in my contact lenses today and my eyes whilst still a bit puffy are back to feeling normal.

Last night was incredibly traumatic, at about 10:30 Murphy cat came home with what looked like a possibly broken leg – cue panic stations, an emergency call to the 24 hour veterinary service and a mad dash to get him looked at. Fortunately, it wasn’t a break, but it was an abscess caused by a nasty bite from another cat. The little bruiser has been scrapping again, and at the age of 9 he’s come off worse than a bit or ear damage this time. His leg is now part shaved it’s been lanced and drained and looks bloody awful but his leg magically shrank back to the correct shape. I’ve had to email all our neighbours and let them know what has happened to him, as he routinely lives in all 7 houses on our road. I’ve given the instructions for how to bathe it with salt water as well.

Nearly £300 poorer; Ambers Phenobarbital blood tests tonight (about £100); a £400 bill at the end of the week for Bella being spayed – bloody ouch.
A nice big euro millions win tonight certainly wouldn’t go amiss LOL.

Sun’s still shining though, happy days xxx
Lastly – they were not complete yesterday, but today my bloods are fully back. And great news – my thyroid readings are back in the normal range – BARELY but back in the normal range YAY for a ‘normal’ thyroid reading so here we go my month 46 blood results are in, enjoy …..

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