Monday 11 March 2019

3 years 42 weeks - Sunshine, lots of energy and Levi 501's

A week of intensive sleeping (outside of the work thing because doing so at work is rude and apparently unacceptable) J

Last week was a long and sleepy one, Bob was retired again at the back end of the week once my 12 hour sleeps each night helped put me back on track. It made for Tracy being a very dull girl though and Gareth got lots of game time.
Amber is back to her normal beagle self, following her nose, staying on her feet mostly and only falling over occasionally as oldies tend to do.

I think the new dosage of the thyroid meds is kicking in now, I’m feeling more human again – I’m looking forward to my monthly bloods at the end of next week, I’m hoping they are back in a more normal range again. The Gabapentin that the spinal surgeon gave me for the C7 vertebrae / bulging disc thing also seems to be doing something right, I have sensation in my arm again and the aching has become much less than it was (YAY no more sitting in the back of an ambulance with an ECG hooked up)
The sun is shining here today, it looks glorious out the window, but the brutal wind definitely takes the pleasure out of going out to enjoy the free vitamin D supply.

Tonight I’m off to sign the paperwork for my new car, another Ford Tourneo because van like or not it’s the most comfortable, practical Dog and Bob mobile there is. The new one is shiny silver rather than grey and it has heated seats this time (sadly not leather) so I’ll have a nice toasty bum when it’s cold (which hopefully will be not needed for many months) Should be picking the new ‘little (not little at all) car’ before the end of this week.
Last but not least – I’m sitting here at work wearing skinny Levi 501’s with my lovely cowboy boots. The weight I’ve lost recently is really helping with my mood, my outlook on life and my self-esteem / confidence. It’s been a really long time since I’ve just picked up a pair of jeans, eyeballed them and gone to the till with them. I got home pulled them on and felt awesome. It’s been a long time since I could do that – it’s been a long time since I even considered anything other than ‘fat’ supermarket cheap jeans. So I’m rocking my 501’s and feeling very happy.

Hope you have a great week and that there is awesomeness in it for you – much love


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