Thursday 21 March 2019

3 yrs 43 weeks - New car, new bloods, and new appointment with 'The Spine Guy'

Another busy weekend with work cutting into activities, but also a lovely win with another pair of Levi’s 501’s -  I went back to get another pair, could only get them a size smaller which has happily worked out rather well – these ones don’t slide down a little when I walk.
I picked up my mew car on Monday night. Itch loved version of my belowed rent car, I pick up my neplaceme smaller which has hapily  pair of LEvi' is a newer version of my much loved Tourneo and hopefully will bring me as much joy and comfortable driving experience as the one I’ve had for the last 3 years. It seems odd to be so attached to a car, but it’s been a pleasure to drive and so very practical with the massive dog crate being permanently set up in there and the ability to have Bob in there too. I’m still having ‘memory fail’ moments about it being a button start rather than a key, I keep panicking that I might have walked away and left the keys in it. The heated seats however are a joy.

I’m back to the Spinal surgeon on Thursday now I’m finished the Steroids for the allergic reaction to the Gaberpentin. I’m hoping he can suggest something else to try rather than stabbing me in the neck with a big needle, the Gaberpentin had actually started to have the desired effect before it all went wrong, the feeling to my skin in my left arm had started to return to normal and the heavy feeling had gone – it’s all back again now.
Monthly bloods again on Friday, fingers crossed the badly behaved thyroid has started to behave a little better and the readings come a little more in line with normal, I’m so over the thyroid weirdness now, it’s rubbish and I’d like it to get itself under control.

In other news Gareth and I have managed to do something which is almost completely unheard of ……
We’ve booked a holiday !!!

It will be our first proper holiday together in 2 years !!!
We are going for a week in August to Watchett in Somerset. We have booked a dog friendly holiday rental with a completely secure garden for the beasties to run in. It seems such a long way off, but it’s only 5 months away. We decided to stay in the UK this year because Amber has been so frail with her stroke and her age that we didn’t want to leave here with Aunty Kathy or Kennels in case something happened. When that time comes we want to be with her, holding her, telling her we love her and it’s okay to run free now. (cripes but just typing that had tears welling up)

Apart from that, life is incredibly beige if I’m honest, I feel like I should have more fun, be more exciting, I’m sinking into middle aged dullness.
So my promise to myself for going forwards is that I’m going to do more and be more, just more everything. Reading my own updates I’ve decided I need to have a more exciting life


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