Thursday, 13 September 2018

3 Years 16 Weeks - Introducing Bob and the 'real time' - what happened during my diagnosis

3 years and 16 weeks

My profuse apologies for not posting an update for the last couple of weeks.

There really hasn’t been that much excitement to report, nothing life altering has happened, I’ve had a week off work (well if you don’t count the 3 half days I did for month end)

On the MS / Funky thyroid front, the second Power-chair demo on the Friday I talked about in my last post happened, it was great and I did make my purchase. ‘Bob’ as I refer to him is now in my car and available for use on the occasions when I want to do something and need to conserve energy. I’m getting used to his controls, doing a spin in place in a lift is still a work in progress, I managed to get temporarily stuck in a shallow ditch twice the first time I took him out with the dogs.

We went into London last week for a wonderful meal at Jinjuu, the Korean TV chef Judy Joo’s place. A day out which would normally have absolutely broken me, but Bob came along for the ride. Because the chair folds and is easy to lift (and I had Gareth with me as slave labour) getting on and off the train was easy, as was getting the park and ride bus into town.

The restaurant was just under 2 miles from Paddington and 25 minutes by bus (Theoretically this should be impossible and should take 4-5 minutes but it's london - Oxford Street - Bayswater ) we decided to ‘walk’ ….. it was pretty easy, a few ARGH where are the dropped curb moments, and one hilarious journey down a cobbled street which made conversation impossible because the vibrations meant I sounded like a sheep J BAAAAAAAAA - Oh and the chap in his car on Bayswater having a phone conversation with his windows down who was heard yelling at the person at the other end of the line that 'the woman in the electric wheelchair on the pavement is moving faster than me' - cruelly, I laughed, sped up and left him in the dust :-)

I’m still a bit under the weather thanks to a colleague who came back from a holiday in Ireland with what I can only describe as ‘the plague’ I’ve spent the last 3 weeks, coughing, sneezing, snotty and ears all bunged up. I’ve just got the cough left now, but ‘The Plague Monster’ as he is now referred to – well his name is mud J

This week is quite a momentous one in my MS History, I thought that I might replay some of my postings of Facebook in the weeks that led up to my diagnosis


Tracy Checked in At Basingstoke and Hampshire Hospital 19:05pm

Well they’ve ‘labelled me’ that can’t be good. Something went POP in my head on Monday. I was in agony, after 20 seconds it dialled back to full blown migraine. I saw the Doctor on Thursday and they said if it got worse to come back – so here I am at HantsDoc at the hospital – and they’ve attached a label to me


07:08am – I was rudely woken by a nurse gently shaking my shoulder, I frightened the life out of the poor girl by jumping and going AAAGGGHH – Don’t wake me without Coffee – That’s the good bit. Bad news is the doctor has been by and apparently – and I quote –probably been a bleed inside my head so they’re looking to do a lumbar puncture to confirm it – Scared but strangely my blood pressure has gone down so hooraah for blood pressure results, Play the glad game xxx
08:00am – I’m scared, it’s inside my headed that quite frankly terrifies me. We are supposed to be flying to Mexico 2 weeks today, what if they sat I can’t fly? Whats caused it, what is it? What is it doing to me other than making my head hurt like and absolute bastard?

12;00pm – They’re coming to do a lumbar puncture at shift change over and then a couple of hous of not moving and then maybe I can go home. The word ‘Stoke’ has just been used by the doc - Didn’t like that one bit

16:00pm – Lumbar puncture is now happening tomorrow morning, and no I can’t go home. Gareth had better remember to bring wine with him when he comes to visit later. He’s also bringing my old MRI’s from 1995 for them to review as apparently the whole brain tonsils wedged in the top of my spine thing might be a problem for the lumbar puncture.

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