Friday, 14 September 2018

More realtime Diagnosis week from facebook

08:21 - Lumbar puncture in progress..... As I type :-(

(note this first attempt is when they hit the nerve for my right leg and I nearly Eric Cantona'd the head off the doctor who was 'supervising')

12:12 - Why am I waaaaaaaaiiiiiiiting, Whyyyyyyyyyyyy am I waaaaaaaaiiiiiiiting, Whyyyyyyyyyyyy am I waaaaaaaaiiiiiiiting - to get more paaaaaain YAY ;-) Streaming the Invictus Games on BBC iPlayer on the hospital WiFi. Still no sucessfully done lumbar puncture and they want me to rest for 5 hours once it's actually done

17:48 - Getting REALLY REALLY fed up now, at lunch there were 2 people in front of me for the anethesiologist and now nobody can tell me where I am in the queue. I'm tempted to just go home TBH I can feel crappy and take my own meds there as easily as I can here, but in better surroundings. Furious that BUPA closes all weekend and I can't do anything about this . I have an awful feeling I'm going to be here all night again because there is no organisation at all.

18:25 - Apparently they're on the way to get me. Here we go again, lumbar puncture number 6 of the day :-( *sob*

19:50 - Lumbar puncture count for the day is 8 !!!!! But it's finally done TFFT !!!!

23:43 - FREEDOM ...... well until the MRI tomorrow I have to be back at 10am. Good news, no blood found in what they took from the LP. Now just need the MRI to say whatever they saw on the CT scan that they described as 'shadows' is nothing and I can be happy to only have a 7 day migraine :-) xxx

It's quite odd reading all this back 'as it happened'. Odd in that I'd kind of convinced myself that I'd glossed over what was happening and made it seem less stressful than it actually was.

Reading it back I seem to be quite naievely thinking it's all a big nothing, although by submitting to 8 LP's in one day I was clearly taking it seriously too.

It's a bit like reading a book again, you know the ending but there are little things that happen on the path there that are new, and to be honest there are things that you 'hope' turn out differently - a bit like watching The Great Escape for the hundredth time and Steve McQueen is on that motorbike trying to jump the fence and you hope that 'this time he makes it' - you know it won't happen, history didn't happen that way, he didn't make it, he's never going to, but that little voice in your head still whispers in hope that perhaps this time it could be different.

Human nature I guess

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