Tuesday 25 September 2018

3 years 17 & 18 weeks – Monthly bloods done and the price you pay for overdoing stuff

It’s been a funny old couple of weeks for me, apologies for the late post (faster than the last one though) the reason for this will become clear.

We did the ‘Royal Berkshire Show’ last weekend, very spur of the moment I went for Oxygen then popped home, picked up Gareth and Bella and off we went. Bob was on a half(ish) charge and the sound of the food hall was calling us.

Now in hindsight – taking the dog along was not our best plan. No dogs in the food hall (Kind of obvious really, and the whippet’s not passing for a guide dog any time soon LOL) We roamed for miles, I got lost and couldn’t find the car park. Fortunately Gareth remembered there had been a massive crane by out entrance so we made our way back towards it hoping that there was only one at the show. Bob was gasping for the last dregs of electricity in his batteries as we arrived back at the car.

All in all, along with shopping, faffing around, doing some house stuff and a couple of very late nights, because once again my Thyroid prescription had not come back on time – I ended up broken. Missing a day of thyroid meds and the effect is almost instantaneous physical fatigue. In my case this means my legs turn to jelly, they literally shake – as Gareth so delightfully referred to it – they shake like a shitting dog L

I came home at mid-day on Monday and worked from couch for the afternoon. Randomly it really upset me to think I might need Bob at work – he’s supposed to be my fun friend not a work thing. On Tuesday I got over myself and got Bob out and went for it. It was all in my head, the day was fine, I even had some envious ‘damn that’s a bit nippy, can I have a go in it’ comments which made me laugh. It took me a few attempts to work out how to swipe a security pad and still be able to open a door, but I got there. Wednesday I took my stick in with me (yep I finally found it) but by Thursday I was back to normal again.

It’s Friday now, I’m working from home, the bedding is being washed in the background. It’s blowing a hoolie here, the local facebook group is full of people asking for the details of good fencing people and for once we’re not one of them thanks to the work we had done to get rid of the crappy old ones.

The weekend came and went, British summer seems to have morphed straight into Winter, it’s cold, it’s wet and there is frost on my car first thing each morning now L Blood results should be available shortly so I’m going to hold off hitting the post button until I get them (EDIT – sadly they haven’t been reviewed yet and this is over a week late to be posted so I’ll post this now and put results out tomorrow.

Today I’ve had to resort to Bob at work again after some epic walks between the buildings for meetings this morning. To be honest I don’t feel so crap about that today it just is what it is and life goes on.

Hope everyone is well xxx

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