Monday 18 June 2018

3yrs 4 wks - breaking my foot and my heart

Some days I wonder who I must have been in my previous lives.

I figure I must have been someone REALLY bad if I’m honest because I’m not sure what I’ve done in this life to deserve constant loss and heart ache - Perhaps Ghengis Khan or Hitler - it would explain a lot?

Something I didn’t mention last week was that I had BamBam-cat back at the vets on Thursday night, his weight loss had continued and he had stopped eating entirely until we managed to get pureed cat food in him on Wednesday night / Thursday daytime / evening. We knew his time was limited and that there were more sinister things going on (lumps inside in his tummy area)

We had hoped that we would have a few more weeks with him, but it wasn’t to be. On Saturday morning I brought him into the utility for breakfast and he simply lay down on the floor and wouldn’t move, when we lifted him he would cry. It was time. One last car journey on Gareth’s lap rather than in a cat box, lots of tears and cuddles, lots of we love you baby boy and we let him rest.
I’ve cried so many tears this weekend.
It was father’s day on Sunday, BamBam is gone and then there’s the broken foot ….
Yes you did read that right
The broken foot
My right foot is swollen, misshapen and quite frankly feels like tooth ache has set in
This injury happened whilst I was standing on my tiptoes trying to put the over the table brolly up in the garden …. I slipped off the marble base, lost my balance and STOOD ON MY OWN BLOODY FOOT…..
Yes you read that right too …….
I stood on my own foot and broke it.
I figure it takes a really ‘special’ (not a compliment) kind of stupid to do this to yourself (remember the last break when I dropped a dining table chair on my foot and broke my big toe??? ‘special’ ……)
I mean seriously – who actually does these type of clutzy injuries to themselves??
Perhaps I should just wrap myself in bubble wrap from head to toe and then stay in a nice safe padded room.
In different news – The World Cup has begun. After being quite ambivalent about it, I’m really starting to enjoy the continuous football on the TV. The shock results so far, Germany in a shock loss, Spain and their draw against Cristiano Ronaldo (or Portugal as the rest of the team call themselves) Brazil’s 1-1 draw with Switzerland last night. Tonight England play Tunisia – anything could happen given the other run of results. Bugger I’ve just realised I’ve committed to a drink with my old boss this evening – I hope the game is on at the pub.
So the weekends plans went out the window, no more work was done on the pot holes on the lane – I feel like I could do with a weekend to get over the weekend.

In different news, I ‘think’ the increased Levothyroxine dose might be starting to work, I feel less ‘old-fart’ than I did a few weeks ago in myself.

This month’s blood work is taken on Friday (along with the menopause test) so fingers crossed for a better TSH result, and if I’m honest possibly a nice set of patches to stick on my behind and then onwards and upwards to feeling like a teenager again (I think I can remember that far back)

Much love to everyone xxx


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  1. Maybe you Should invest in some steel toe cap boots. Or some really big boots ��. MS sucks, I feel I do really oddly stupid things all the time!
    Loss of a pet is never easy, I had to let me dog go to sleep forever almost 2 years ago now. And it still hurts. But remember the times you did have and the good life you have him.


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