Monday 25 June 2018

3 years and 5 weeks - The anticipation is rising

It’s been such a busy week, so many things needing to be crammed into such a short space of time. Fortunately this was a week off Pilates, I’m not entirely sure the broken foot would have been terribly happy about giving that a go, so happy days for a week off. The foot by the way is so much better, my super powerful bone healing seems to have remained intact despite MS and Lemtrada.

Bella’s dog training last week was mostly successful, although some of the loose lead techniques seemed to contradict the previous weeks learnings and confused her greatly. Doing a lap of the room with a full glass of water in my lead hand and not spilling a drop was pretty epic though J

I’m eagerly awaiting 13:00 when I can call the doctors to get my blood results for the month. It’s quite bizarre after the last 3 years, to be excited about things other than the Lymphocyte count. So this months look out points are :

·        TSH – hopefully heading back in the correct direction thanks to the increased Levothyroxine dosage J

·        FSH – Menopause measure – bring on the ass patches that will make me feel like a teenager again J

·        Whatever weirdness the foot brings – OMFG – Just went back through my photographs to find last years broken big toe so I could look at the bloods for that month and see what went odd – CREEPY RANDOM THING – I broke my foot A YEAR TO THE DAY that I broke my toe – perhaps I should pencil in June 15th next year as a potentially suitable date for break number 19 J - Anyway back on topic my Neutrophils went a little nuts back then so possibly again this month.

I got my oxygen therapy in over the weekend, lovely dog walks and 2 BBQ’s one lazy lie in (Saturday I was wide awake at 06:30 L BOOOO)

In different and awesome news COSCO finally have Tomahawk steaks back in stick again. We have 4 sitting in the freezer now and Gareth thinks I’m going slightly mad. 2 will be used this coming weekend when the Chapper’s are over for dinner. Gareth will be making 2 awesome sauces to go with them, his ‘Better than Miller & Carter Dripping Sauce’ and a peppercorn sauce. My amazing ribs will be the starter and I’m toying with individual boozy desserts in pretty little glasses but I’m torn between something salted caramel and something lemon curd / Limoncello based. If this follows the usual food related decision path of my life, I suspect will make a panic decision late on Saturday afternoon J

I’ve been pretty slack on the diet for the last couple of weeks – not BAD – BAD just a bit naughty BAD so today I’m going to knuckle down and get back on it properly.

Cripes that’s just made me realise it’s 11am I’ve done umpteen conference calls and I’ve not had a cup of coffee yet L

EDIT : for those at the start of their journey, another Lem-Blogger I recommend you follow. The lovely Jo has just completed round one and is publishing her progress in real time.

Talk to you later alligators when I’ve got my blood results – I’m off to hit the caffeinated beverages shop – hard J xxx

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