Friday, 8 June 2018

3yrs 2 weeks - the power of positivity and dog training with grated egg

It is incredible how doing something positive, even something small can just really put me in a ‘better’ frame of mind. Something really simple; being proactive and going to see the doctor to say that the medication for the thyroid needs addressing, and to ask that he checks if I’m going through the menopause.

I love appointments with Dr B he’s such a positive person and I think that because I don’t take a great deal of time and am familiar with what is going on with me helps. I asked for a repeat of the pain meds prescription that I got at the start of the year (I have 26 tablets remaining – so that’s probably a month or a month and a half left but there is no need to have to take another appointment just to deal with that). The Levothyroxine is now doubled so fingers crossed that starts to have some effect. And the FSH Test is registered on the system so that when my monthly bloods are done on the 22nd only 1 hole is needed in me to extract the goods.
Yesterday, the powers of Facebook where I have a number of school friends yesterday told me that actually a lot of the ladies from my year are all in that ‘here comes the menopause’ phase of our lives, some really great advice and information from the others has resulted in me abusing the Amazon prime subscription once again. I’ve ordered some Magnesium Citrate supplement (a liquid one and a tablet form one) – a little research makes me quite hopeful that it might help with the achy bits, fatigue and my twitchy left leg, for £5.87 it’s got to be worth a try for a few weeks, nothing ventured nothing gained.

Gareth and I are both still doing Pilates each week which is improving our core strength no end – although this week the lovely Vicky was away and left her evil friend to run the class – OMFG the pain yesterday in my upper back, chest and arms was horrendous – I literally felt like I’d been beaten. Perhaps it’s because she’s a more effective teacher and worked me harder (which is a good thing) but I think the next time Vicky has a week off I might too J.
Last night was Bella-dog’s first night at beginner training classes. Joy of joys we didn’t have the most disruptive dog in the room. The most easily distracted in the recall exercise through ‘distraction alley’ absolutely she was the worst, not because she wanted all the distraction toys and tennis balls, but because she decided to have a good old wander around the room and say hello to all the other people there J.

It’s Friday, the weekend is nearly here, I’m in the office (well for a half day I’ll probably go home at lunch and WFH for the afternoon). I’m now 3 weeks done in my new job, the time has flown by and I’m so happy to be back here again. The environment, atmosphere and people is so familiar, it’s professional, logical and organised which makes the control freak in me very happy.
The weekend apart from the usual dog walking activities, shopping, oxygen therapy seems to be blissfully clear, I’m planning on a few early nights, nice long morning lie ins and some lovely healthy BBQ’s with fresh salads and yummy stuff (assuming that the weather will behave itself at the required times – according to the weather app it ‘should’ be all good)

Bella-dog now has her crate for while we are out at work, she’s okay with that as long as we leave her with the indestructible Kong to nibble on – which is infinitely preferable to her chewing her way through every bit of woodwork in the house (in a Victorian cottage there is a LOT of wood to chew on)
I’m waiting to hear about arrangements for the send-off for Tiffany and work out logistics. Her funeral will be in BC / Vancouver area, but there will be another memorial at a later time in Ontario. Today would have been her 26th birthday so it’s desperately sad that there’s no celebration, cake and drinks pictures being posted from the top of a tree or the top of a mountain. Just really grateful that we got the opportunity to talk and reminisce before she went and that the last thing I said to her was ‘I love you’ it makes a big difference to know that things were left ‘right’ if that even makes sense.

Winston doesn’t know it yet but he’s currently receiving the training that Bella had last night at class. So far none of the beasties can take their eyes off me and the reward value of minced hard-boiled egg seems to trump everything (not the orange one J) (and certainly no hard-boiled egg for the flatulent beagle – that just inviting an end of days scenario for the hoomans in the house JJ)

And now one other thing added to the weekend schedule – I’ve just booked Gareth in in for ‘A Good Grooming’ tomorrow at 13:45 – so hopefully by the time I get back from being gassed he will look a lot less ‘fluffy’ (yeah that’s a better word than scruffy J)than he has of late.

Signing off to go wash my hands now because my fingers smell of hard-boiled eggs – perhaps not my best idea of a reward after all J
Much love


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