Tuesday 7 February 2017

R2M8 - Blood results and my naughty Thyroid has been spanked

So long awaited, and not covered in blue fur like old cheese - the blood results are in.
Two things that were top of my list for this months results, had the lymphocytes finally started moving after the 3 month stagantion at 0.7 (ish) and also what was that naughty thyroid up to now ?
After a month of depriving myself of broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage (which on slimming world is quite an achievement) to try to protect the thyroid function and working on the theory that the power of positive thinking is huge - It's MY thyroid and it WILL obey :-) ....
I have an ego the size of a planet I know but I have self belief and determination to help carry that monsterous ego - they thyroid got the same treatment that the MS did - immediate cessation of what was 'feeding' the behaviour
Lymphocytes are up to 0.95 but that is likely to be a bit of a false high as I'm currently battling the winter lyrgy (courtesy of TPCTSMFH) and the Thyroid is now back to exactly where it should be - slap bang in the middle(ish) bit

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