Monday 13 February 2017

R2 WK38 - I'm blaming being poorly for being 'special'

So nobody pointed out that I'd miraculously 'lost 10 weeks' of my weekly updates - I randomly jumped from 34 to 44 a few weeks back and never noticed. All corrected now though.

After a week of feeling exceptionally crappy thanks to the plague that Gareth gave me I now feel significantly less crappy - well I'm back in work again and hopefully not infecting people.

Having the winter bug had the usual 'amplifying everything' effect on me. My balance was dreadful, my energy levels rock bottom and at one point some random loss of sensation in my feet (I'd forgotten how horrible 'not feeling your feet' was and just how uncomfortable the numbness and lack of feeling was - is that bizarre - lack of feeling is actually uncomfortable - is that an oxymoron or just really very weird??)

Apart from a lot of couch time this week has been incredibly uneventful as a result. It’s a sad fact that the most exciting thing that's happened during the week is that the dogs refused to snuggle me because my coughing and sneezing made me uncomfortable to snuggle with.

We've hand more 'snow' down here in Sunny Berkshire - well there was a light dusting on the car on Saturday morning. before I headed off for Oxygen in the chair outside the chamber (wouldn't even consider going pressurised until I'm feeling a lot better - some lessons are easy to learn at the first attempt)

I have weigh in tonight at slimming world which I suspect will not be a raging success. Along with appropriate vitamins and minerals over the course of the last week I have self-medicated with Cadbury’s giant chocolate buttons and sour cream and chive Pringles. Not your traditional health foods but with my taste buds on the frisk it really was all I felt like eating, I shudder to think of the number of Syns they made up.

We also have a nice man coming round this evening to give us a quote for replacing the stairs in our house. The 150+ year old beast has to go. With none of the steps the same depth, height or width they’re a hazard and need to be dealt with. I’m hoping the nice man can do something that will look great and be Tracy safe as well as Dog safe (I want wood but not shiny wood or we will all be slipping and sliding on them)

Last but not least for this week – Gareth and I are both now fully approved by NYAS so we have to provide passport photos and signed paperwork and then the volunteering work can start. YAY

Stay well and take care of yourselves xxx

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