Monday 6 February 2017

R2 WK37 - Where Oh Where did my blood tests go ?

Apparently the blog has been big in Norway this week - Hi to everyone in Norway *Big Wave* Hei til lesere i Norge xx
I've got a proper grump on this morning, so I'll apologise in advance that I'm not my usual sunny self. My bloods which were taken on January 27th still are not back and I'm wondering if blood grows blue mould on it like cheddar left for too long in the fridge???
I'm also unhappy to report that Gareth (who for this blog entry will be referred to as - The plague Carrying Toxic Swamp Monster From Hell - or TPCTSMFH for short) has given me his sickness.
I woke up yesterday morning and reached for the button on the alarm clock to turn the backlight on and check the time and my hand was shaking. TPCTSMFH of course was already confined to the spare room at that point with instructions to not give me his disease - apparently too late.
Apparently that Karma Bus I mentioned in last Monday's post has not just run me over, it's reversed back over me again to make sure I'm good and splatted - Must mention to Matt that in future if I'm a smug cow about him picking up bugs from his kids that he is to remind me of this ...........
We popped into Reading on Sunday to go and collect my now repaired engagement ring from the jewellers and after walking up a short flight of stairs my legs and balance all seemed to disappear at once - TPCTSMFH asked was my MS playing up - cheeky bugger - no it's bloody not, I'm a bit wobbly because of your disease TPCTSMFH but hey guess what I'm in town doing the shopping not lying in bed feeling sorry for myself and hoping to sleep until it goes away.
I'm in work this morning - well I made it here - YAY - not sure how long I can keep going but it's the thought that counts.
I'm pretty sure other stuff happened in the last week - just right now I really can't for the life of me remember anything much about it at all. Can I go back to bed now please ? Or just home to the sofa where I can snuggle under my blanket with the dogs and watch food porn through my eyelids ....

Good grief but I'm awful when I'm poorly - I want to slap myself in the face and tell me to pull myself together but I quite honestly can't be arsed so I'm going to stop now before those of you that have my phone number or know who I am come and deliver that slap in person. (they should be slapping TPCTSMFH)

Virtual hugs, Beechams powders, and 4 sachet's of Emergen-C Energy Release and Immunity Support taken in one go (yep that's 4 times the daily dose but feckit I'm not putting up with this shizzle)

Much love
TPCTSMFH (well I'm one too now)

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