Thursday 24 November 2016

Round 2 Week 27 - Month 6 Blood Results

Wow the downward stretch to the end of my 2nd year is now in progress (downward not downhill) I'm still feeling fantastic and loving my post treatment life.
We've had a lovely and relaxing weekend with lovely dog walks, a meal relaxed evening with a lovely friend and a pretty rubbish attempt to start the Christmas shopping which only resulted in us buying things for ourselves and getting absolutely no ideas of things to get for other people - DOH.
I started this post on Monday hoping to publish my blood results in it - now it is Wednesday and I still don't have my results, apparently they're backed up at the pathology lab but I'm now starting to wonder if my blood is somewhere growing blue fur like old cheese does in the fridge.
EDIT .... YAY I've got them no new holes WOOHOO
I took Amber-dog to the vets to get her 'lumps' inspected, one of them has increased in size recently and a new one has appeared on her tummy which needed to be checked. She's now booked in for surgury next Wednesday to have all the fatty lumps removed. (2 of them are located in what I can best describe as the 'armpit' area under her front legs) they need to come off before they get so big that she is haing problems walking.
Our vets are so marvellous. When I asked could both our dogs go in for the sugery because Winston gets stressed when he's alone. They didn't look at me like I'd lost my mind or even question it they just said 'okay that's fine' and that was it. In the Basingstoke Area The Barn Vets really do rock.
I'm going to have another go at Christmas shopping this weekend - a trip into Basingstoke this time (less nice restuarant distractions but unfortnautely less nice shops too)
So here they are this months results, a little on the low increase side, however I was a little snuffly for a part of this month so it's entirely possible that they multiplied, fought the good fight and then like lemmings all collectively jumped off a cliff when they were done leaving only 4 tiny stragglers behind. I really am not in the slightest bit worried about them coming back as slowly as possible, the longer the little buggers are gone the more likely they are to forget the flavour of Myelin aqnd even if they do remember - well the longer they take to regroup the more time there is for repair and the longer the remission.

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