Wednesday 16 November 2016

Round 2 + 6 months The story so far

A little over 18 months ago my world was in chaos - I felt like every day a little more of me was 'chewed up' by MS.

  • Optic Neuritis had left me partially night blind, reading was something I could only do sometimes because the words disappeared on the page.
  • I was using a stick to stay upright when I walked because my balance was abysmal and my left leg would randomly collapse. 
  • On occasion I couldn't stay upright at all and needed a wheelchair.
  • I had become a hermit scared to be anywhere far from a bathroom for fear I couldn't hold on
  • And last but not least the only parts of me that actually had 'real' feeling were my right arm and the bit from my boobs to the top of my head (and that but had gone numb at times too
Today after rounds 1 and 2 of Lemtrada - well everything is back to normal again. I get tired, and when I do it's like everything that was amplifies what it 'was' for a little while, but I've learnt how to manage it, how to relax and do nothing and let it put itself right again.

  • My eye sight is just as rubbish as it's been all my life (thanks for that Mum and Dad)
  • I walk the dogs, go shopping, go to concerts and evens and work normally
  • Needing the bathroom isn't a terrifying prospect
  • I can feel again - almost everywhere and the bit of my left hand that's still quite numb is probably something non MS related
Life continues to be just like it was before the 'label' of MS was applied to me and the weird things that my body was doing.

All things considered life is pretty awesome, we had the training day last week for NYAS and are now just waiting for the DBS checks and other paperwork to be completed before we go into the Independent Visitor volunteering roles that will precede the Fostering application process.

I have bloods due again at the end of the week (YAY for getting stabbed and the monitoring process). I really don't like someone jabbing me with a pointy thing and taking my blood or trying to pee into the stupidly small pots they provide  
I really do look forward to having them done and getting the results. Just another reason to think I'm a little weird I suppose, but the project manager in me really does like the control element.
We are in the process of our Christmas France trip so we can top up on lovely French produce for the festive season. I guess I'm being a little optimistic in hoping I can 'complete' Christmas preparations in a single long weekend, but you've got to have hopes and aspirations and this is one of mine.
Roll on Friday and stabbing time

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