Friday 18 November 2016

Round 2 Month 6 - Blood Test Nightmare

Bearing in mind we have to do our blood and pee tests every month for 5 years post round one it's natural to get awfully protective of your veins. 5 years times monthly bloods is a whopping great 60 new holes in the vein of preferance.
As we all know the more holes that are made the more likely you are to have the veins collapse to the point where they are no longer usable for taking blood from. My preferance is the inside of my right elbow (I'm left handed so it's the other arm) and normally the lovely Judy does my tests and is a 'one stab wonder'
Today my bloods were done by someone else, I have 3 unsucessful holes in the inside of my right elbow and another which was finally sucessful in my left. 4 new holes .... that's this months tests and another 1/4 of a year of blood test holes all in one day.
With so many holes naturally there's more than the usual in bruising to go with it, so just a little 'protect your veins' notice to those of you reading, you really don't want them having to get creative and taking your bloods from strange places like your feet which I can assure you hurts like an absolute bastard or goodness me your arse or somewhere else even more personal or painful.

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