Monday 31 October 2016

Round 2 week 24 -Carbon Monoxide scares

Over the weekend we were rudely awoken by the carbon Monoxide detector going off which mean evauating the house and waiting for british gas to come and confirm the house was safe for us to use. All a bit of a storm in a tea cup in the end, turns out the detector had gone faulty and scared us for no reason, but better to be safe than sorry.
We missed out on going to join our friends in Swindon at the Dewali celebrations as a result of all the fuss over the heating and having to replace detectors etc,
I managed to get an oxygen session on Saturday morning although it was in the chair outside the chamber as I'm a bit bunged up and didn't want to risk having problems with my ears under pressure.
It's been a pretty quiet week this week, just work, dog walking and relaxing really, I can't say we've done a lot apart from that. We had a new cleaner start on Firday morning (yep yet another one) we had to let the last one go when we had to move everything for the roof leak in the conservatory we found huge amounts of dog hair behind / under furniture that obviously hadn't been done for many weeks. I gave her one last week to confirm it wasn't being done properly, but in Gareth's words - she cleaned like a teenage boy cleans his bedroom. The new one after the first day is a bazillion times better and costs the same.
It's 'that time of year again' when everything we do will revolve around being there for the dogs and cats while fireworks are going off. Amber-Dog is terrified of the bangs and Winston-Dog just barks hysterically at them so I figure I'll be spending the next 2 weeks in the lounge where the noise is less obvious with shaking dogs glued to my side. The cats are pretty cool about it all, but we don't want them out there just in case, you hear so many horrid stories of people who think it's funny to do bad things that it just isn't worth the risk.
It's that time of year when we need to start considering a little trip to France for Christmas supplies and gifts (I'm thinking Christmas courtesy of France this year rather than by Amazon Prime) It would need to be a long weekend I think just to accomodate 2 locations, 2 restaurants and shopping (it should have been 3 restuarants but The Seventh Sin which we discovered last year has closed - this makes us very sad)
The whole eating meat / fish / vegetarian days thing is working out really well, we both feel better in our selves for eating less red meat and more vegetables. It's also made us much more inventive with what we are eating bevcause we put more thought into things. It also means we have found we are wasting far less than we were prevoiously.
So K9 PP tonight with the dogs while I work out the menu for tonight (I've been wracking my brain here trying to remember what's in the fridge / freezer and my mind seems to have gone rather blank - but I also have a thumping headache so I'll blame it on that)
Onwards and upwards, tonight we will have 1 set of trick or treater's (assuming they didn't do it already over the weekend) from nextdoor but one and I've got Kinder in for them as it's not quite as bad as the other stuff and I'm not mean enough to join in this year's new game of 'Ferrero Brussel Sprouts' or 'Toffee Onions'
Looking forward to home time and pup snuggles
Stay strong ladies and gents xxx

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