Monday 24 October 2016

Round 2 week 23 - Month 5 blood results are in

Week 23 – yikes time is flying past once again, another 3 weeks and I’ll be 6 MONTHS post round 2 and round 1 seems like yesterday let alone round 2 being 6 months ago.

Last week seemed to all blur together with a couple of migraines in the same week, I guess all the stress of the break in at the house in Portugal, the leaky conservatory roof, and emotional time with the anniversary of losing mum all rolled on top of each other just caught up with me and it was time to ‘pay the piper’ for it all.

I would like to say that a long relaxing weekend of rest and I’ve reset all the timers on my energy and relaxation, but I’d be a raging lying hypocrite if I said that’s what I’ve done. Actually I’ve stayed up too late, drank too much wine and I have the snuffles (oxygen tank = bad with the snuffles)

Randomly I need to add to the list of ‘injuries I’ve sustained in my sleep’ tally – somehow I seem to have managed to stab myself in the hand (well stab might be a bit strong – but I have a puncture wound in the palm of my hand) it’s taking every bit of self-control I have not to make a hobby out of picking at it because it itches like an absolute b******.

Bloods were taken last week in a single stab by the lovely Carol and this morning I got my results back. The lymphocytes continue to rise at a nice slow stable rate. In October last year I was 0.7 and this year it’s 0.73 which is close enough for me to say everything continues as stable just like year 1. My Neutrophils are a little high this month which is to be expected, both the snuffles and high stress levels can cause this so I’m in ‘prime candidate’ position for them to be a little on the high side LOL.

The roof has been fixed so we no longer have water pouring in every time it rains (which is every couple of hours in in the UK at this time of year) plus it didn’t end up costing a huge amount so we are very happy about that.

The dogs as always are hours of endless entertainment, especially now that they have their winter walkies collars which have lights in them so we can find them in the dark (there’s a flashing setting on them too so we can have ‘disco dogs’ J) balls with lights in, head lamps for Gareth and I to wear which make us both look rather silly but hey it’s dark so we only have to see each other.

So my plan for this week is to take it easy, get some early nights, have a bit of a detox and generally just have some ‘chill time’ (a huge win on the Euromillions tomorrow night would help enormously with this)

So here they are on all their glory – round 2 - month 5 bloods for your enjoyment

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