Tuesday 18 October 2016

Round 2 week 22 - And now for something completely different

I guess this weeks update is pretty much a big whinge, so apologies in advance for that.

On Friday morning last week after it rained over night I came downstairs to discover the TV and surround sound system in the conservatory standing in a puddle of water on top of the water damaged TV stand. The conservatory ceiling was leaking.

Queue me turning everything off and then manhandling the elecrical equiptment away from the water not knowing if it was fried. I cleared up as much as I could then phoned the insurance people. After a long winded conversation where they said it wouldn't be covered by storm damage on the insurance the claim was denied.

We've done what we can to ensure that the damage doesn't get any worse, but we now have a builder coming round tomorrow to tell us just how much it's going to cost to modify the guttering to stop water getting onto the flat bit of roof (which isn't pitched towards the lower guttering) potentially add a 'false pitch' weather seal the conservatory roof and the flat bit of roof too. Once that's all sorted we will need to then redecorate the conservatory to clean up where there are water marks.

Our holiday insurance only covers personal items up to the value of £300 so Gareths MacBook Pro isn't covered by it.

Just to add the kicker the new business venture that I was hoping would be life changing for us, well it turns out that my husband thinks is a hiding to nothing and will possibly make someone else rich but not us, we would just end up doing the hard work and prototype before a big software house took it away from us.

It feels a little like the final straw has been broken.

'Amplified Symptoms' has returned with a vengence with sensory problems to my core and my legs, I'm very shaky and if the little man with the hammer and anvil inside my head would just stop for a while I would be eternally grateful. I know it's just stress which plays havoc with MS symptoms, but it's like that metaphorical wall that runners 'hit' has just collapsed on me without warning. I just want to be at home, snuggled up with the dogs watching food porn through my eyelids and sleep until everything is resolved or goes away.

AAAANNNDD normal service is resumed ....
I wrote the above yesterday but didn't actually publish it - I've even considered deleting it because it really is so unlike me and reading it back I really do sound incredibly whiney and pathetic.
I always said I'd publish all of it the good, the bad and the downright humiliating (like above)
I hadn't realised it when I was writing but actually I had a pretty monsterous migraine coming, by 3pm yesterday I was a complete wreck, those blood vessels contracting in my brain were clearly shutting off some of my finer brain function. I went home popped a Sumatriptan (highly recommend these for migraine) and presto 30 minutes later and all that was left of the migraine was the gippy stomach.
The stressful things are still there, but I'm working on them, a builder is coming round this afternoon to quote for repairing the roof, Gareth's getting a promotion at work which will include a nice big pay rise so replacing the MacBook isn't a problem.
Over dinner last night Gareth apologised about the comments regarding the business venture and we are going to do some work on it tonight / tomorrow night.
And after a good night's sleep well those Amplified Symptoms have all settled down and gone away - thank goodness. *note to self - migraine might also appear to increase symptom amplification - must check that next time*
So after a wobbly day all is right again in my world and tomorrow is 'stabbing day' for my monthly bloods.

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