Thursday, 27 October 2016

Lem Blog - The book - 0.99pence/cents this weekend

Those nice people at Amazon have finally allowed me to discount the cost of the eBook version of year 1 of the blog in 2 currencies so for those of you using or the cost for this weekend is now discounted to £0.99p and $0.99c respectively.

The bank acocunt details behind it aren't mine, they are for the registered charity SHIFT MS which provides so much help and support for both newly diagnosed and the long term MS'er.

I published it because I was asked for a more 'reader friendly' way to read the old content on here, and I've been told it's much easier to keep track when reading through the archive.

So starting 8am Friday both the GBP and USD prive is 99p/c

Fill your boots, and if you could please leave some not too scathing feedback on Amazon xxxx

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