Tuesday 29 March 2016

Week 45 - Neuro Physiological consult and Armageddon weather

The Easter weekend is over; it’s been lovely to spend time with my Aunt in Wales. Gareth and I got to enjoy our Christmas & Birthday present of the ‘Chefs Table with Wine Flights’ at Ynishir Hall. We lost track of the number of courses we were served, but we agreed they were all delicious with the exception of the cheese course which while perfectly edible was just a little too ‘blue’ for our liking.

The journey up to Wales on the Bank Holiday Friday which should have taken us 4 ½ hours ended up taking nearly 7 ½ with terrible traffic, hugely long detours round accidents and unplanned stops to let the dogs out to get some fresh air, stretch their legs and pee.

The journey was tiring and I had some back pain but that’s more the result of 7+ hours driving a Peugeot Estate Car than MS related. My no longer present MS symptoms remain as ever no longer present, and the physio has worked wonders on my shoulder problem so that I’m pretty much back to normal now.

Sunday was a much more civilised journey back home and topped out at the expected 4 ½ hours with just the one stop for pups and people constitutional’s. We got home to what can only be described as ‘Armageddon-esque’ weather. Storm ‘Katie’ had arrived and she was a mean bitch (if you’re thinking sounds like Katie Hopkins and that’s uncharitable you’re not alone I thought much the same)  - anyway Katie-bitch didn’t manage to bring down the fences in the garden unlike her predecessors this year so she very spitefully knocked down the wall to the bakery car park at the end of our road – she knocked it down ‘into’ our road. Hence we were all trapped until the bricks and wreckage was cleared, she brought a tree down which blocked access to the local pub as well – panic stations we were trapped and now couldn’t get to the pub for a pint on foot either AARRGGHHHHH  - it was all sorted by mid-afternoon and old Katie bless her cotton socks had buggered off to annoy someone else.

We have a new Dog walker coming to meet the pups this evening. We hope that works out well as without one we have to take it in turns to drive home and walk them in the working day which isn’t ideal for Gareth and I. We’ve also found a great chap who we’re hoping will do some ‘in home’ and ‘at park’ training with us as a top up for he Pup’s especially bearing in mind Amber-Dog is now the instigator of most barking and dashing at other people / dogs which winds Winston up.

On Thursday this week I’m back at Southampton Hospital for a Clinical Neuro Physiology Appointment and what I think might be Electricity conductivity testing. More related to the ‘prolapsed disc’ in my neck and it’s potentially pressing on a nerve bundle which is resulting in the sensation oddities in my left hand. I’m quite nervous about what they will say to be honest, it isn’t causing me pain, it’s just really annoying and annoying to me does not mean I want to undergo surgery of any kind. Surely if they just dangled me upside down on an inversion table the weight of my big head would stretch everything out in the opposite direction and allow this disc to pop back in where it should be (or maybe the weight of my big arse would pull my feet off EEEK)

7 weeks remaining now until round two, I’ve still not got my ‘official letter’ so just the lovely Margaret’s text confirming that so far. I’ve booked it with work regardless so it’s in the plans. Just need to don my ‘Wonder Woman’ outfit and save the world again in the interim with a rather interesting piece of network transmission and data centre migration in the interim to keep things interesting.

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