Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Week 43 - only 9 weeks left EEEK


That’s probably not going to mean much unless you’re of a ‘certain age’ and have seen the original TV series of ‘Dad’s Army’ which was a hilarious representation of the home guard during the world war.

I’m now into a single figure number of weeks on the approach for round two of Lemtrada. HOLY HECK BATMAN – KAPOW – take that MS bad guy. (I might be losing it a little bit here – LOL)

It’s time for me to go back fully into preparation mode for round two, not just the ‘faffing around paying lip service to it’ routine. I’ve always been pretty good about making sure I take onboard a lot of water, but it’s time to actually start measuring it and tracking it again. I’ve broken out my Brita water filter bottle and am dragging it everywhere I go. To encourage the healthy lifestyle I’m going to substitute as much of my diet for Cambridge products as I can and go low carb again – this will mean NO WINE if I’m going to do it properly. If I suddenly disappear there’s a distinct possibility that the excess of blood in my Wine System has caused and unexpected malfunction (I did this last August and my lymphocyte levels seemed to go into shock and dropped unexpectedly – not a massive amount but enough for me to think ‘yeah perhaps try that later on Trace’)

I’m going to buy one of those daily pill dispenser boxes too and preload the sucker with my self-designed cocktail of vitamins, minerals and supplements – if you’re interested this is what I use

Turmeric tablets (YouTherory brand)
x 3 tablets = 1350mg
Cod Liver Oil High Strength Capsules
x 1 capsule = 1000mg
Omega 3 Fish oil high strength Capsules
x 1 capsule = 1000mg
Vitamin D capsules (Kirkland brand)
x 3 Capsules - 50μg (2000 I.U)
Calcium and Magnesium
x 1 Tablet = 500mg Calcium + 250 mg Magnesium
Glucosamine & Chondroitin (Kirkland Brand)
x 3 tablets = 22,500mg Glucosamine + 18,00mg Chondroitin
Evening Primrose Oil
x 1 capsule = 1000mg
Multivitamin High Strength (Holland & Barrett)
x 1 / 2 tablets – depends on the day
Emergen-C Energy release & Immunity Support
x 1 or 2 sachet’s – depends on the day


We had a nice quiet weekend to make up for a pretty hectic week, I spent 4 days in our Bracknell office last week which makes for  much slower and traffic heavy journey into work, rubbish parking and huge distances to walk around the building. The tracker on my phone said I walked 4k on one of the days going from one end to the other repeatedly for meetings – fortunately this was the day I forgot to change into my boots and went to work in my flat dog walking shoes!

I have physiotherapy again tonight for the remaining effects of the impinged nerve in my shoulder, I’m hoping it will be the last one so that I can say it’s all resolved and avoid surgical intervention with the slippery disc in my neck that is not in the right position but causing me no problems at all.

Tomorrow after work we will go and see ‘London Has Fallen’ at the Showcase Cinema which has the most amazing fully reclining seats and surround sound that literally sends sound waves up through your bum. It’s probably not great for my long term hearing prospects but it certainly makes for an awesome experience. I’m hoping I won’t sleep though it as it starts at 19:40 which is usually when I start nodding off on the sofa.

Friday is ‘Stabbing and peeing on your fingers trying to hit the target of that tiny bottle again Day’ or as it’s more commonly known ‘Lab’s day’. I’m being incredibly brave this month, my usual lovely nurse who’s a ‘One Stab Wonder’ is on holiday so I’m going to the other one (month 1 labs person who left me full of extra holes and blown veins) she gets one last chance and if it’s more than one hole never again even if I have to throw my test schedule off a bit to see the lovely Carol. I’ve grown very protective of my veins in the last year, when you have to do this every month for 5 years it’s important to minimise the number of attempts they make. I really don’t want my veins collapsing and them having to take blood from horrible places like my foot or my ass cheeks!

All systems MS wise are functioning within normal ranges, I’m doing great, even wearing new boots that have a slimmer and higher heel than my cowboy boots (they look so pretty with Jeans) I tediously have no further improvements (well the only thing left to improve now would be the getting tired thing – it’s not fatigue I live life normally – I just fall asleep in the evenings when I get home on the sofa A LOT)

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