Tuesday 1 March 2022

Feeling proud me, more back news and I'm turning 50 this week

 Things I'm proud of this week

  • I pulled my weight with the work to get the rooms sorted before and after the rooms were redecorated 😎
  • I also pulled my weight with the kitchen refurbishment work which went a little beyond the planned cupboard repainting and also included the tiles in not just the kitchen, the utility room and downstairs loo too 😎
  • Weigh in last night confirmed I've lost 12lb's so I'm really hopeful that by this time next week I'll be reporting a stone or more loss (50th birthday permitting)
The house looks unrecognisable now, so light and bright, more modern and inviting with all of those little 'things' that my head would catalogue as I walked through a room as stuff on the to do list all completed. Such a massive boost for me mentally to look round and feel proud of our home and the effort we have put into it.

MS wise everything as usual remains incredibly dull and unchanged

Fitness wise the twice a week with the Physical Trainer this morning yielded the surprise result of me squawking 'I've got muscles' 😂😂😂 I was working through the usual resistance exercises and I happened to touch my left bicep - and felt something I haven't noted in a long while - a muscle, quite an impressive one without trying to do a 'gun show' pose, it was just there feeling nice and firm and there's a matching one in my right arm 😎

With weight loss and exercise I'm looking forward to seeing other bits of me return, collarbones and hip bones, cheekbones and maybe muscles in other places too.

Of course the exercise and weight loss are for me, I want to be slimmer and stronger for me. I also want it because these problems with my back - well they severely affect my right hip too and my next appointment with the spine guy is May 10th and I need to be in far better shape for that - if he says I need a new hip or something like that then unless I shift the chunk they'll just refuse to do it until I have dealt with the weight.

And finally .... 50 years old on Thursday (March 3rd)

.... when the heck did that happen ??? 

In my head that really doesn't make sense because I'm pretty sure I'm not 'that' old !!!

Somewhere in the Time Space Continum something has clearly malfunctioned. 

This is just a big mistake and Captain Kirk and the Star Ship Enterprise will be by any minute to straighten it all out and I'll be 35 again 

Clearly this 50 thing is making me delusional 😂😂

Until next time - take care of you xx

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