Wednesday 16 February 2022

House renovations, valentines and an appointment for my spine (again)

We are 5 days into the almost full repaint of the rooms in the house. It's a bit chaotic, preparing the rooms for painting -- clearing out everything and relocating stuff temporarily. Today's post comes from my temporary office at the far end of the kitchen while my office (the extension) gets it's facelift. 2 bedrooms are transformed, as is the landing and stairs, we've even changed all the fixings for curtains and stuff so they're looking amazing.

After today, the painter is out until next Thursday so Gareth and I will be completely renovating all the cabinetry in the kitchen, repainting everything to brilliant white to brighten it all up for when the walls are done next Thursday because it's the next room on the list.

I've got a floor specialist coming tomorrow evening to quote for refinishing the wooden floors downstairs, I'm going to ask since he's here could he do the wooden kitchen counters too - what's the worst he could say - no - nothing ventured nothing gained 😃

It will be really lovely to have the house beautiful and bright and to have 'our' stamp on it.

I've got a phone appointment on the 25th that the Spine and Pain team have set up for me with the same guy I saw privately - I'm going to ask about my right hip too because that's not in a good place.

Week 1 back on Cambridge has gone tremendously well. 8lbs off (3.6kg if you're that way inclined) a very good start. I had the evening off on Valentines Day but I didn't go wild and straight back on plan again yesterday with only 48 hours out of ketosis so I'm feeling fabulous agin today. Next planned night off is March 3rd for my 50th which I'm very much hoping Gareth has a nice treat planned for 😎. It's going to be a long journey but I'm hopeful that I'll be hitting target some time around our wedding anniversary at the end of July.

The diet of course is going to be really important if I need to have something major done for my hip - can't be lugging all the extra weight around with that.

It's been really quiet and uneventful here, everything's opened up they're starting to treat covid like seasonal flu now. I'm still terrified of catching it, I have no idea how much long a mask will be part of my life for outside the home but thats okay.

By the time I'm comfortable with having a houseful of people all having a great time they're not going to recognise the place :)

Take care, stay well

Much love 


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