Tuesday 1 February 2022

T-Cell Trial Test done, Getting stronger and an appointment about my back

 So the back appointment first, the nice IPASS (integrated pain and spinal services) team have set me up with a spinal specialist on the NHS - hilariously it's the same chap I saw privately through BUPA - he's going to ask for the Facet Joint Injections to be done on the NHS for me. I will be happy if that can be arranged and it can help with my back problem. He's an orthopaedic flavoured doctor so I'm going to ask him to take a look at my right hip for me too because that seems to be part of the problem - or maybe another problem entirely - getting old is painful.

My T-Cell trial pack arrived over the weekend so yesterday morning I was lancing my fingers and bleeding into a tube again so that it could go straight back to them in the post without 'going off' in transit. I have no idea how long it will take to hear something back from them, but it would be nice after 4 vaccines to hear that those T-Cells have learnt something about how to fight Covid.

I had 3 sessions with my PT last week to help make up the missed ones over Christmas while he and his family had the plague. I'm getting stronger, I can lift my legs a little more now and whilst getting dressed is still a little more complicated than world peace and certainly not graceful - it's getting a little less hard.

Life here has as always been terribly dull, haven't been anywhere, haven't done anything except work from home and all the usual daily stuff. I did manage to book a table for us at The Hand & Flowers (Tom Kerridge's restaurant) for our wedding anniversary (July 30th) without having to go through the usual calling up and begging to be added to a waiting list.

I'm actually going into work tomorrow for the day, some of my team are heading in so I'm going to join them and just have a day out - how bizarre is that - going to work is a day out 😆 Robobob is charged and ready to go. It will be nice to just talk to other humans who don't live in my house.

Valentines Day is coming up, I've booked a 'finish at home' Valentines feast from Wellington Farm Shop - a Beef Wellington, starters, desserts and sides. Just need to sort out a card and gift and I'll look frighteningly organised (especially with our anniversary booking) 

Oh Oh Oh and exciting news - after the near 3 years to get the bathroom done fiasco - The house is being re-painted inside - ceilings, walls, doors / door frames and skirting boards ..... THIS MONTH 😎

Saturday/Sunday 12th and 13th February bedroom 1 and en suite.

Monday and Tuesday 14th 15th February guest bedroom plus landing and stairs.

Wednesday 16th February kitchen.

Thursday 24th February Summer room

Friday/Saturday 25th 26th utility and hall.

Sunday 27th lounge with feature wall to be wallpapered on Monday 28th.

Okay now you think I've been replaced by a robot don't you ...... who is this organised person posting on my blog ???

It's me - honestly

I'm sure I'll be back to my ditzy last minute dot com self any day soon

Take care and stay well, much love xx

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