Monday 24 January 2022

Blood results back, vaccine No4, spine stuff and the great escape

 First things first, the bloods came back on my Patients online record. After vaccine number 3 there were (unsurprisingly) no covid antibodies there but surprisingly there were also almost no B cells so that nixes the 'Ocrevus just isn't working' theory too. I've emailed my neurologist to let him know it's all done and the results are there. Just need to wait for the face to face appointment to come through now I guess. Rituximab, Cladibrabine and a higher dosage of ocrevus have all been mentioned, but with the blood results it is probably all a bit moot now 😄

I had vaccine number 4 the Saturday before last with the usual sore arm as a response to it but apart from that it was very uneventful.

We stupidly also had a night off dry January and overdid it a bit, stayed up too late and I sat out in the garden in the cold reading a book and I pretty much seized up - everything hurt the next day - and the day after 😂😂 - it official I really am getting old.

I've spoken to IPASS today the pain management people, The spine specialist I've been referred to ....... wait for it ....... the same guy I was seeing privately ..... 

Apparently he's willing to request funding to do the facet joint injection on the NHS .... I guess we will have to wait and see how that all pans out 😀 There's radiating pain, localised pain and now just for fun my right hip is not in a fun place either.

The weekend was a wash out, my first migraine of the year and it was a horrible one. It hit early Saturday afternoon, some sumatriptan pulled it back to bearable late Saturday night but the sick shake feeling stayed with me until late Sunday. Thank goodness 5/6 a year is all I get, I know a few who get a couple a week and that must be awful.

By last Tuesday when the lovely Micka arrived for my Physical Training session I felt human again. The difference is starting to show now. The increase to my upper body strength means I can get down to the floor with something resembling 'dignity' now (it's not pretty but I'm not just falling) and as long as I can brace my arms I can get myself up with a little dignity too despite the whole right leg / hip / back doesn't work or have any strength at all thing. It's all about angles and leverage and the right thing to hold on to and bloody minded determination but I can see some results and am very hopeful that I won't have to sleep on the kitchen or bedroom floor again any time soon. 

According to last weeks announcements come the end of the month the UK is 'going back to normal' so we are back to our offices masks are a voluntary thing (except on public transport) I have to admit the thought of this fills me with trepidation, 

It's not just the being around people thing, it's having to manage Robobob without a hoist. Dealing with rush hour traffic again, I guess I just don't want to have to do that 4-5 days a week any more, 1 or 2 at the most I think, if the last 2 years have taught us anything it's that we can do what I do without the need to always be crammed into the office. 

That said there's talk of a few of us meeting up there tomorrow and I have to say I'm quite excited to see real live humans again. It feels almost decadent to be planning a day out to the office - in my head I can hear the theme tune for The Great Escape playing 😎

Look out world here I come

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