Wednesday 5 January 2022

The Girl who dodged Covid, Happy New Year & a T-Cell Trial - and a new theme for the blog

First things first - you're not in the wrong place, but the blog site has had a bit of a facelift to make it easier to read .... sorry if I've confused everyone. I went to have a read of something and realised the old background did it no favours and made it difficult to see some of the text parts. 

Well that's my excuse .... the fact that I now have different glasses for seeing, reading, working and combinations of all these due to my advancing years might also be a factor 😂😂😂

I really got used to the routine of getting out of bed when I wanted to not because I had to. Funnily that didn't mean sleeping in until lunchtime - it was more like an extra 40 minutes here and there than a 2 week long sleep marathon but I could definitely get used to that - time to up my lottery game I think 😎

This year all the planning and preparation paid off, we were where we needed to be when we needed to be there and we didn't forget half of our stuff (or if we did then we haven't missed it yet 😂😂) 

The Christmas stuffing (not a euphemism) was lovingly prepared by myself and Gareths Dad and it was absolutely epic. The Turkey was great despite a slight glitching in the timing calculation process. There was snow on Christmas Day (well what we call snow in England ..... 3 inches and it was gone by mid day on Boxing Day) 

As you have probably guessed because Christmas 'actually' happened I didn't catch covid from my PT (thank goodness) he and his whole family had it over Christmas which must have really sucked with a little one. I did Lateral Flow tests every day and deliberately stayed distanced even though we were together. At least we could be together this year rather than trying to have Christmas dinner together on a Facebook messenger video chat which really didn't work at all last time.

I should add Gareth upon reading the title of this post said 'Well you've done it now haven't you ......' apparently I've doomed myself to actually catching the bloody thing 

So Omicron is sweeping through the country - quite literally. So many people I know all over the country have contracted it in the run up to the Christmas and New Year period or over the same time period. 218,705 new cases yesterday. The stats say 13.6 million Britains have had it and 149 THOUSAND people have died within 28 days of a positive diagnosis - that's completely mental. The UK population is only 68,422,788 people - that nearly 20% of the population have had / have it and that's just those testing because they have symptoms all these people wandering round asymptomatic that we keep hearing about might not be in that number 

I get my 4th vaccine on the 15th of this month. I got a letter before Christmas from Imperial College saying I needed to get a booster done 3 months after number 3. I've just popped up to the doctors surgery to collect the letter  that confirms this and apparently I'm the first they've ever had for a 4th shot - MS and Ocrevus Super Power 😎

I'm also taking part in a T-Cell Home Testing trial to help with information gathering in relation to people on Ocrevus and how our T-Cells learn from vaccines particularly when our antibody response to a vaccine is likely to be less effective. The program manager in me is always wondering about what data is useful and can help with investigations so I've told them about number 4 and asked would a 'before and after' help them with their information gathering - it just means doing the test twice, once before and once a few weeks after - sore fingers for a couple of days is hardly the end of the world 😂

I have my Neurologist appointment next week on the 12th (telephone not in person) so I should get a full review of both MRI's that were done at the back end of last year. I'm also going to ask them to investigate what happened to my historical information from Hampshire Health Authority and Southampton hospital someone told me once again they have none of my MRI's from that time. It does make me  wonder how they continued to say NEDA since Lemtrada when allegedly they have nothing to compare to before I moved to them. I'm sure that's going to be an uncomfortable part of the conversation - after all I've been with them since 2017.

All systems good here, Gareth and I are on our New Year best behaviour, dry January is in effect, healthy eating is being done and I'm back on 16:8 fasting to give it all a boost. 

Happy New Year to you, heath, happiness and love

Stay well



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