Thursday 24 March 2022

Feeling proud again, our kitchen refurb and spring is here

 Feeling proud part 2

I decided my new muscles should not just be the ones in my arms and legs so I invested in a sit up bench with the leg 'rungs' so your legs are hooked in place and a movable back (because of my spine problems I needed it to be capable of not going completely flat..... yet). 

It arrived the Sunday before last and after assembly I 'mounted' it and started doing sit ups. The first time I managed 16, the 2nd I did 17, the 3rd 20 my aim being to do two or 3 sets each day to build up my core muscles without the need for someone to help by holding my feet / legs. It felt like by just doing it woke up my abs and reminded them that in years gone by I used to be able to sit ups for fun. By last Friday I was doing 100 in each set.

My PT was staggered at how far I've come in a week, but not quite as staggered at I was that was able to stand straighter - especially when going up stairs to bed at night.

Apart from that life has been pretty much business as usual with the added bonus of us (mostly Gareth) refinishing the butchers block counters we have in the kitchen - they look like brand new counters now, the scratches and water marks are all gone, the really dark varnish they were finished with replaced by a clear wax/oil finish. They're significantly lighter than they previously were and the kitchen looks brand new now.

It's all come up so beautifully that whilst having a week off this week Gareth has the dining table in the garden and thats being done too. Our last part of the project for the kitchen is replacing the old navy blue gas range that was left by the previous owners with a lovely shiny stainless steel one with glass in the doors so we can actually see our food cooking rather than having to open it up and let the heat out.


The sun is out, the patio doors are open letting in the fresh air (and wasps - I hate wasps) it's not freezing cold any more and I've already worn shorts once (not in public obviously 😂😂😂)

I'm generally feeling really bright and up beat, positive and hopeful that with being back on the Cambridge Diet, the PT work and my own extra effort with the sit ups that life is what I make it and I can help myself and mentally that's doing wonders for me.

Life is good here, I hope yours is good too

Much love xx

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