Wednesday 29 May 2019

4 years and 1 week (or 1st week of year 5 depending on how you count time)

2 weeks into year the 5th year or 4 years and 2 weeks post treatment start depending on how you view it.

The long weekend has been lovely, I ended up taking the Tuesday off as well as the Bank Holiday Monday in the end. Friday wasn’t going to happen, I had another implementation over the weekend which started at 10pm on Friday night and was finally all done and dusted by 01:00 Sunday morning so 27 hours in total, but we did include time for sleep in this one which was lovely.
Gareth spent Thursday to Sunday with his Family ‘oop norf and I stayed home as dog mummy. It was a shame we both couldn’t go, but with Winston’s anxiety right now it wouldn’t have been a good experience. Gareth got to see the Hallilapse show that Christian has been working on for the last 5 years, he side it was awesome and given the extra number of shows that have sold out it’s been a roaring success.

I went to pick up my new glasses on Saturday, randomly my ‘seeing glasses’ which were due to be there were still in, but my new prescription sunglasses which weren’t due until this coming weekend had already arrived. They look fantastic, so shiny and new and when I put them on ….. well then it became really obvious the changes in my sight since the injury. The whole world was suddenly much clearer. My ‘seeing’ ones apparently failed quality control and the lenses re being remade again – quite grateful they are so strict with it and that they are taking the extra time to get it right.
In the meantime though, I’m stuck with the hideous black ones that were never meant to be seen in public.

Monday was a little bittersweet, Kirsty and Jake joined for K9. She had big news and I’m both delighted that she got the job she wanted but also sad that she got the job she wanted – it’s in Vienna, so once again she will be moving away once again L.
So I’m back at work today, a nice short 3 day week, sadly I can report that once again I have not won the lottery so my retirement plans remain on hold. I also have 5 days work to cram into 3 so that’s going to be a fun challenge.

Winston is at the vet tomorrow for a ‘mini-MOT’ – we have a trainer coming on Friday to help us with his separation anxiety and she asked we get him checked by the vet first to ensure there isn’t an underlying medical condition contributing to his behaviour change. This makes a lot of sense, dogs can be hiding many things with their generally ‘normal’ behaviours and to be honest I hadn’t even considered that there might be something medical as a trigger. She suggested possible things like ear infection, or because of the corgi in him, hip or back problems.
We have dog walks booked for the week and very little else which feels very rewarding. Just some time to chill out and enjoy life and chose what we want to do when and if we want to. I know I’m supposed to be turning over a new leaf and living more rock-star but  week of very little looks lovely right now.

I’ve got tomorrow to get through, 4 years since we lost Ian, I still can’t quite get my head around him being gone, my little brother (well as a little as a 40 year old can be) but it will be okay, emotional but okay.
Six and a half weeks to our holiday in Watchett when we booked it, the holiday seemed so far away, over 6 months away – where the heck did that time go?

We have a military wedding in Portsmouth at the end of July to prepare for, got to get a dog sitter sorted to move into our house for the weekend to keep the beasties company and exercised while we are gone.
Life is gloriously normal – long may it continue xx

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