Monday 16 July 2018

3 years 8 weeks - double update

Apologies for no update last week, work and life has been pretty frantic

The missing week -
First things first – I’m gutted I’m not in the menopause
So I guess we can all agree on one thing - I’m a bit weird?
Apparently 5.7 on the FSH test doesn’t mean I’m going through the menopause, Dr B laughed a lot when I asked about it being an appropriate level for someone going through puberty and his comment was soothing along the lines of ‘you wish’ ….. when we both stopped laughing I realised sadly I’m not going to get the magic patches which will make me feel like a teenage girl again L
In my mind - the patches were going to fix everything dagnammit …..
The others in my year at school have them….
They’re bouncing around like spring lambs and reliving their youth partying all night in Lanzarote and singing the praises of the magic patches.
Surprisingly when I suggested magic patches regardless to Dr B his response was once again ‘You Wish’ …. It wasn’t so funny the second time L
We had Gareth’s parents visiting at the weekend, much BBQ’ing was done along with serving of the trusty Tomahawk steak which was well received served with awesome peppercorn sauce prepared by Gareth. Lots and lots of talking and catching up, it’s the first time I’ve seen them this year (very rubbish I know). Wine was drunk, football was watched and generally a good time was had by all.
On the point of football, it’s not coming home this time. The youngest team in the World Cup (England) lost last night to the oldest team in the world cup (Croatia). An enjoyable game as an England fan in the first half, we bossed the game and went 1-0 up thanks to a great goal. Sadly a few more chances were not scored and at half time we didn’t change anything up. Croatia came out and for the 2nd half and then both halves of extra time the Bossing was all done by them. 1-2 to them in the end. I’m proud of our young new team and their manager, my expectations were low before this started and they have outperformed what I’d thought we would achieve. If the team and manager stay together and move forwards then in the next internationals and competitions they will hopefully go from strength the strength and become a formidable team.
So the decision had to be made for the final - France or Croatia?
Gareth and I have such strong ties to and love for France; they are our neighbours so I will be embracing our French ties – Allez France and all that J
The UK heatwave continues, our obsession with being unhappy with the weather continues, hose pipe bans loom to conserve water, weather reports allege rain showers will happen but they don’t come and everyone is having a good old moan about the heat J My latent ‘gingerness’ means I spend my time in the shade admiring but not participating in the sunshine, a good rain shower would be lovely but I’m enjoying paddling in the pool we bought for the dogs to cool down (they don’t seem to mind the taste of ‘hot people feet’ in the water J)
We had the week off Pilates this week as it’s between courses (and apparently the WI have booked the hall next week too, so it’s actually 2 weeks off) – I’m pretty sure that my body is grateful for this J
The last Bella training session is tonight, we’re being vigilant to continue this and try to pass this on to the other dogs as well. It’s working although discovering that because she’s a skinny racing snake Whippet she can actually get out through the cat flap yesterday evening was a shock when we found her happily sitting out in the garden on the padded chairs after we had brought her in with us J
I’m still loving my new job, it’s interesting and fun, mad and challenging and it makes me smile. It’s the best work choice I’ve made in a few years.
So coming, up ….
We have a lovely friend over on Sunday for a BBQ, as he’s Italian; I’m chickening out on some of my trusted favourites (since they’re a bit Italian and I can’t face the judgement) and going Portuguese with a Piri-Piri chicken and salad combo.
And up to date
Lunch on Sunday was lovely, we broke with british tradition and drank about a gallon of diet cola watching the match as everyone was driving later in the day, and France did indeed win the world cup - in part thanks to a couple of very dodgy refereeing decisions which VAR didn’t help with.
Work has been pretty frantic with me blinding myself with spreadsheet’s and plans.
Dog training has finished and Bella graduated her IMDT foundation course (although she was the class dunce in at least 2 areas)
Other stuff has happened but to be honest it’s all a bit of a blur and to be honest I don’t really think anyone reading this would care at all.
It’s Monday again, I’m back to work and I have a plan, I just need to crack on and make it happen.

Blood tests on Friday this week so more lovely results to be published next week.

Sorry for the crap update

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