Monday 26 March 2018

1y45wks Post R2 Life the world and a tattoo

Gosh I don't know how I let 2 weeks get away from me again, my profuse apologies to those who have been wondering what has been so very exciting that I didn't get round to posting an update.

The honest answer is - well it' all been rather 'beige' and I didn't want you thinking 'gosh her life must be so dull' - but really there has been little to no excitement and I really didn't want to torture you with a long post of BLAH.

This is a short one this week, I'm taking my funky thyroid meds each morning now, bloods for March are next Wednesday (yes I know that's April - but I managed to wander out of the surgery last month without booking for this one, and Easter happened and they couldn't fit me in)

We had friends over at the weekend and I managed to turn up a rather lovely oriental banquet for them with Brisket cooked Sous Vide (in a water bath) for 48 hours and Ribs SV for 24 hours, some rather sexy home made fried rice and Dim Sum. It was great to catch up, share gossip and just enjoy each others company.

The dogs are all getting along famously, looks like Bella has given both Amber and Winston a new lease of life, even Murphy-Cat tolerates Bella (but still hates Winston)

On the MS front as usual nothings happening life is great

OHHH actually I do have one piece of 'news'

I finally got round to having a memorial tattoo done for my family, it's been 5 years in the coming - so what was originally something to remember Mum and Dad now incorporates my brother Ian into the design as well. I have a 2 1/2 inch tall design of an elephant holding the strings for 3 heart shaped balloons, one navy blue for Dad, one red for Mum and one pale blue for Ian. It's healing up nicely and absolutely what I wanted.

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