Monday, 9 October 2017

1y 19wks posr R2 - Building Work, Oxygen and looking back

A week of hard work and the construction for the conservatory replacement is almost complete. The inside, the plastering and electrics is the job for this week and then over the weekend I’m thinking painting and decorating done and the furniture put back and then we can have a rest. As gratifying as it is to do these things yourself, I’m honestly thinking can I really be arsed? Help local business and get a ‘man in’ to do it …... plus there’s the whole ‘we don’t actually own a ladder – let alone one tall enough to reach the top of the roof, so it’s not just painting and decorating it’s going and buying a ladder, making space in the shed to store the ladder afterwards ……. Just thinking about the whole ‘FAFF’ of it all makes me even more sure that paying someone else to do it is considerably better for my mental health.

Of course the plan above requires that someone awesome is available immediately for a days work … and can work over the weekend – the project manager in me suspects that this is a really big ask and unlikely to be realistic and I should have been planning this 6 weeks ago … FAIL.

Then there’s the ‘while you’re here’ factor …. That I also want the stairway repainted now that the stairs are done, and that the Painter and Decorator I’ve just found is also a carpenter, so perhaps he could also do the conversation of the space under the stairs into a small pantry with shelves – and if that’s done then the cupboard to the right of the fridge freezer can go and then I can have an American Style Fridge Freezer again … and there’s room down the side for a wine rack ….


So perhaps we should just paint the room ourselves because it will save us a small fortune.

I went for Oxygen Therapy on Saturday morning – my first session in 3 weeks as a result of life the world and everything. I relearnt the ‘make sure you go to the bathroom BEFORE the dive’ lesson again today. With 30 minutes to go realising you need the bathroom and are locked in is not right up there with my favourite experiences in life. I broke out in a cold sweat sitting there trying to think about anything other than the need for the loo – Candy Crush helped, dignity was maintained.

The weekend apart from Oxygen and getting a weekly shop done was dog walking and lots of relaxation. Just what we needed really, some time to relax and just enjoy ourselves.

I’m making plans to see ‘Boy’ again over the next couple of weeks, some dog walking I think and perhaps bowling and of course the obligatory McDonalds (bleugh) it will be nice to catch up and hopefully I will have enough energy to keep up this time. I’ve been taking my supplements and feel like I have more energy, but I guess the true test is trying to keep up with a teenager and dogs.

7 years ago today Murphy Cat went outside for the first time after coming to live with us and I had just finished a big implementation weekend and broken myself living on rubbish pizza, redbull and 2 ½ hours sleep in 48 hours.

4 years ago today we laid my mum to rest (thanks for that reminder Facebook)

3 years ago we returned from France and our ‘post diagnosis holiday’

2 years ago we had returned from France again after a week with Gareth’s parents

1 year ago we had returned from Portugal after the break-in where Gareth’s precious MacBook was stolen.

I’m not entirely sure where years 5 and 6 went, but for those of us who have a bit of a flaky memory, it the powers of Facebook to reconstruct a day in your life through the years is quite fun.

The one thing that strikes me is that all of these memories are about living, having fun, not one of them (well apart from Mum … that sucks) is negative or MS woes related. Perhaps whilst I may think MS has changed me into someone more positive, with more fight and determination, I think maybe that was always the way I am, I’m just more aware of it now.

And enough of that introspective nonsense ….

Here’s a cute picture that I absolutely love.

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