Friday 19 May 2017

Week 52 ... all done then - ola from Portugal

I'm sitting here in the sunshine with a view of the sea enjoying a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and contemplating how little I can get away with doing today.
Phillipa and I made it here safely, we have a hire car which whilst being new and shiny really is a a PoS with absolutely no OOMFF ... it couldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding if it was going downhill with a stiff wind behind it.
There appears to be a little stray cat who's attached itself to the occupants of this apartment, we saw the cleaner throw a stone at it last night (I wanted to punch the evil cow) which could explain why the poor thing has a leg injury ..... I'm seriously contemplating putting it in a box and taking it to the vet in Guia for treatment - I'm slightly worried that if I do that I'll get so attached that it would end up being an imigrant cat into the UK with me.
MS wise I'm doing fine, the excertion of suitcase manouvers through Gatwick and Faro  airports took it's toll on the first couple of days but it's all evened itself out now.
Gareth is 'Home Alone' (well as alone as you can get with 2 dogs, 2 cats and his parents in for a visit) he's had to look after poor winston who had a run in with a toy posessive Boxer dog who bit him and scared the living shit out of us all.
It feels really odd to be away from him, we've been apart plenty of times, especially back when he was in the army and on excercise or on tour, but it's always been him going away rather than me.....

So despite being on holiday, Winston getting hurt and cat rescuing, well there's really not a lot to tell

Hopw you are all well xxxx


  1. Hello Tracy, I found your blog as I am doing research on Lemtrada. I've been proposed the treatment by my neurologist. I have some questions regarding the weeks pre and post treatment. I work in an ER and was wondering if you had any personal experience with infections and the risks of it after treamtent aka. hw long I should stay away from work (I read your post from when you were in the hospital with your brother). Also, diet. Anything special pre and post treatment? Anything I should definitely stay away from? and alchohol? I'm a bit scared of the whole prospect of this. I have barely any symptoms and the only reason the neurologist told me this should be our next step is because there's quite a bit og activity and new lesions on the MRIs.
    Thank you for you rhelp, and thank you for this great and uplifting blog!

  2. Hi Maud, apologies for the delay in replying, my exucuse is sunshine and sangria :-)
    I guess it would depend on the kind of job you have in the ER, are you a nurse / doctor running round having to touch people or a reeption person who is sitting down with a degree of seperation ?
    The time in the hospital when my brother was dying was the only time I ever went near a mask or gloves, but Ian was in what ew call AAU - It's an accute care ward for people who are being admitted and suspected to have a very serious condition. Chronic organ failure isn't 'catching' but it was the others on the ward that worried me more.
    The diet (the list of stuff to avoid) is exactly the same as the pregnancy diet to ensure minimum exposure to the listeria bacteria which when ingested by someone with a partially compromised immune system makes it very difficulty to fight
    As for the alchohol - god no - alcahol is cleansing - used to be used to clean wounds in battle - drink up it's helping clear the bugs out :-) xxx


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