Monday, 13 March 2017

R2WK42-Month 9 blood results

I now have my MRI Spine Cervical booked for 1st of April – Aprils Fools day ………. Make of that what you will LOL…….. I’ve dropped a mail to the lovely Dr C to query that it is just an MRI and no contrast has been requested – seems a bit pointless to do it without contrast – how do they check the lights are off without contrast?? More to follow no doubt.

EDIT : Neurologist came back to me on email with the following response :
I will request with contrast if any new lesions seen. if no new lesions then no need for contrast
Looks like I don't need yet another new hole in me this time - YAY for less holes in me!!

The past week has been fairly quiet and uneventful to be honest, after the last couple of weeks of being under the weather and birthday and ‘stuff’ it was very welcome. I’m actually feeling really good right now, I’m taking my Turmeric regularly rather than as and when I remember and I feel far less ‘creaky’ than I have done of late.

After Storm Doris wiped out our garden fences they have now been replaced with lovely picket fences which won’t turn into parachutes in the wind any more. The fence that nearly squashed the lovely sporty car belonging to next door is repaired and once again life is ‘upright and dog secure’ in the back garden.

So it’s that time again ladies and gentlemen. The blood results are in (bizarrely not the Potassium though)

There are a couple of red this month slightly above the upper limits, but bearing in mind that trip to the Royal Berkshire A&E a couple of weeks back with the chest pain and breathing problems when the doctors concluded that it was a chest infection and muscle strain from all the coughing – well I suspect those red bits are proof they were right and I was worrying myself for no reason with the MS Hug suspicions.

My naughty thyroid seems to be continuing behaving itself and no longer high although it seems to be working its way down now so tonight I think I’ll have some broccoli with dinner and see if I can nudge it a little in the upwards direction again (but not too much)

I’ve actually finally gotten round to trying to transfer my doctors’ records to the one where I now live (assuming we get the council tax bill through in the next few days so we actually have a ‘real live bill with both our names on’ …..) passports to show we are real live British citizens and probably a limb or an organ to hold as some sort of ‘deposit’ …… all a bit of a faff, but it’s so long overdue that it’s the price I have to pay.

We have friends coming for dinner at the weekend with their children and for once Gareth is up for cooking the main course …. I just have to sort out starters and dessert. We are looking forward to having them over, I’m sure the kids will have the time of their lives snuggling up with the dogs and the cats.

Life remains fantastic and to all intents and purposes ‘normal’ and long may it continue xxxx



  1. I admire people who invest so much on their health. You seem like an optimistic person and full of sense of humor. The results of your blood test reveals vital information about your health, but surely the MRI scan can show you so much more. Don't get too anxious, though, especially if you're living a healthy lifestyle.

    1. Kacey thank you for reading my random ramblings. Life is good, I’m now a year and a half post round 2 and still kicking MS up the arse 😎😎


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