Tuesday 7 March 2017

R2WK41 - my MRI results are in and it's GREAT NEWS

Well thank goodness for that, after the worry of the last week with the hospital, chest pains and breathing difficulty I had come to terms with the possibility that potentially there had been some activity. I had even been and checked out the costs for Mexico and Russia in the event that I needed to move the next phase of war. Fortunately, I can now put that back on ice again.
It would seem the doctors were correct and that it was simply an infection and I'd pulled some chest muscles coughing with the vile infection that Gareth had given me - anything more sinister would have shown on the MRI
The lovely Margaret my MS nurse sent me a message saying the MRI results are unchanged from last year

  • No Evidence Disease Activity
  • No New Lesions
  • Existing lesions less pronounced than before treatment

Please excuse the stupid childish font, but quite honestly this and that I have won the jackpot on my own for the Euromillions are top of my list of news I would like to receive.
I’m still awaiting my February blood results and hope to publish them later this week – Lymphocyte and naughty thyroid updates for those who are that way inclined.
In ‘real life’ the last week has been lovely. Last Friday was my birthday – I’m now officially 45 although my stage-age remains 27 years young. I woke up to cards and gifts and more adventures in gastronomy for later. Gareth took me to L’Ortolan again for Michelin starred dinner and we took a taxi home so we could both enjoy a glass of wine.
The weekend was gloriously plan free so we could just relax and enjoy it. On Monday (apologies I know I’m a day late publishing this week) the lovely Nino and his brother Franco started repairing our fences post Storm Doris. They both worked so very hard yesterday and already it’s looking so much better. Another couple of days and the precarious internal fencing for the garden will all be replaced with picket fences and look lovely.
The plan for this week is to relax lots after tonight. My birthday presents to myself were 2 tickets to the Reading v Newcastle game tonight at the Madjeski Stadium – in the away end so I can actually support my own team for a change. I’ve fished out my Newcastle shirt and checked it still fits me and I’m more than a little excited. Gareth as a Spurs fan will just have to endure the torture but hey ho he will cope.
Parking for the stadium and the walk to and from is going to be ‘challenging’ (hence the plan for relaxation afterwards because it WILL hit me hard - and then there’s the matter of our seats being in row Z – basically halfway to the moon ………. )
It will all be good even if I am somewhat conflicted watching ‘my team’ play ‘my local team’ and actually having to choose a side …. (it’s going to be cold tonight perhaps I could wear my Reading shirt under my Newcastle one as layering?)

Onwards and upwards ladies and gents xxxx


  1. It sounds like you are so familiar with hospitals. It's not a great way to live your life. I could not imagine what it would be like. I hate hospitals and have rarely gone to them. I broke my wrist and was terrified to go to the emergency room. I hate needles and wearing those pesky hospital gowns.

    Kacey @ Glendale MRI

  2. I'm not terribly familiar with hospitals but the project manager in me needs to understand everything about my MS and my treatment better than even those treating me - it's a control freak thing about me.
    Ouchies for the broken wrist xx


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