Tuesday 1 June 2021

Holiday, another round of O, sunshine and the great outside

 We completed everything on that massive list.

Our week away in Watchet was lovely, the weather held (mostly) and we got to eat cake at Houndville with our friends who own the house we stayed in. Bella learnt that she's not always the fastest dog in the park when their saluki/collie cross left her in the dust at zoomies 

Gareth got the Ox-AZ vaccine before we left and it was okay, bit sniffly on the following day, lots of water and a paracetamol sorted him out.

My car no longer has the scratches that Gareth put down the side of it and thanks to the valet guy no longer smells of dog and is sparkly and clean.

I had round 2 of Ocrevus last week and smashed it. For once the sight of the blood pressure machine didn't make it go through the roof, I managed to pee on command into the teenie tiny pot and I was home before 4:30 (I've never managed to leave there before 5pm so being able to get home at a respectable time was awesome)

I've had my 2nd week of oxygen at pressure and oh boy does it make a huge difference to everything.

I even managed to walk around Costco at the weekend - I got quite emotional when we got back to the car. It's been so long since that was possible and it could just be the steroid effects but thats okay, I did it and if I build up some strength this might become the norm again.

We got out for dinner over the long weekend at a lovely restaurant near home, it felt 'real' and 'normal' to be inside a restaurant with other people, yes the staff were all wearing masks and there were some rules in place but good grief it was a joy to do it. 

I'm also ramping up activities to get the en-suite sorted out so that I don't have to play 'will I fall and kill myself trying to get in and out of the bath' in the other bathroom for a shower - a game I do not enjoy.

Got to get Gareth up in the loft too, there's a leak up there somewhere dripping onto the bathroom ceiling in the other bathroom (possibly need to replace the boiler - which will be a massive ouchie if it needs to be done)

The sun has come out here in Berkshire and it's glorious the BBQ has been used a couple of times this week to great results (Tomohawk steak and piri piri chicken) and more to come later in the week.

Loving life right now. Hope you're well 


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