Tuesday 15 June 2021

Finally able to see Friends & Family (Epic) Middle Aged Menopause and heat (not so epic)


Good grief but I'm British and getting old

The temperature pops over 20 degrees and my ankles have swollen up, I'm sweating like Jimmy Carr in the tax office (apologies to those not familiar with the English tax avoiding comedian) 

It's been so glorious here all week, the BBQ's have both been used many times and Sunday it was finally time for us to reconnect with the friends we haven't seen in person for 18 months.

Preparations for meeting: 

  • We have all had at least 1 vaccination (me both) 
  • we all did lateral flow Covid tests that morning, all negative. 
  • We elbow bumped, 
  • we all stayed out in the garden in the fresh air
  • we stayed 1 metre apart 
and it was wonderful (the not hugging each other was hard but we were good)

It felt so damn normal and we've all missed it so much 

What else ...... you know what it all doesn't matter.

We have Gareth's mum and Dad coming this weekend - he hasn't seen them in person since the Christmas before last so that's going to really emotional and we will manage with the same preps as last weekend - gotta stay out in the air and keep our hands to ourselves.

I can cope with that - I'm happy with that 

Steroids from round 2 of O are now out of my system I think and life is great.

Hope you're having some awesomeness of your own 



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