Tuesday 27 August 2019

4yrs 3mths - post holiday and an unexpected concussion

Yup you read that right - Mrs Accident prone had yet another self-inflicted injury to deal with.

This one was a 'coming back from the bathroom in the dark, slipping as I tried to sit down on the bed, missing and then using my face as a brake by smashing it into the bedside table.

I swear one of these days I'm going to end up doing something 'unfixable' in one of these incidents.

Fortunately as we have established over the last few years of my ramblings, my head seems to be ‘well padded’ and ‘quite bouncy’ given the number of times I’ve ended up bouncing off it.

Gareth did ask that I try to limit the number of times I do this to myself as he’s starting to expect people to be asking awkward things like ‘Are you sure that she did that to herself, walked into a door you say …….’ *whistles*. In his position I’d be similarly concerned, however so many people I know have actually witnessed my clumsiness and the injuries that result from it that Gareth is fairly safe.

Anyway what I’m taking an awfully long time to get round to saying is that the face smash, the resulting shock and me shaking like a shitting dog for a couple of hours while Gareth kept asking should he call me an ambulance – well we slept through the alarms on Friday morning and I missed my appointment with the Haematologist …… this is now rescheduled for this Friday morning so no news on that front yet apart from what I've previously shared about all the scary words coming back as negative.

Gareth ended up driving to Watchet after it became quite clear I had a minor concussion and under no circumstances should I be behind the wheel of the car whilst feeling very sick and dizzy.

The house we had rented was absolutely awesome, so comfortable, well done, even the welcome package with drinks and biscuits for the tired traveller. The beds were huge and comfortable and it was everything we would have hoped for with a secure garden for the dogs. We were a couple of minutes’ walk from pretty much everything in Watchet, umpteen pubs and places to eat, everything was dog friendly, shops, caf├ęs, pubs even the museum. It felt like going back in time – in a good way – relaxed, a slower more sociable way of life where people talk to each other in person, over a drink. We sang sea shanty’s and ate ice cream and it was just so bloody lovely that I could see myself living there.

So if anyone needs a lovely relaxing time by the sea I can highly recommend this place.


We made it home in good time on Friday with the long weekend ahead of us, so pretty epic all things considered. Sadly we didn’t do anything fun or exciting, we just chilled and relaxed for 3 days and kept reminding ourselves to stay in ‘Watchet mindset’

Back at work today, it’s nice to see everyone and catch up, but I’d rather be beside the sea.

Hope you’re well xxx

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