Monday, 21 January 2019

3 yrs and 33 weeks - New year update and life stuff

3 weeks into the mew year and Bob hasn’t been out of the car. 

3 weeks of massively reduced smoking

3 weeks of drinking and the fasting 16:8 regime and if I’m honest I’m feeling really good.  

 We’ve been out and about a lot, lots of walking and towards the end my legs are sometimes getting weak and shaky, but we know when to take a break and it's working.

Last week was awful and tragic, once again I've lost someone from my life without any warning. A friend and colleague in his mid 30's with a 2 year old daughter had a massive stroke last Monday evening. Too awful for words really, so young no time to prepare, just a great big hole in all our lives. His employers are supporting his family and helping them make arrangements to get him transferred back home for his funeral in India.

 Work is insanely busy right now as we come up to the launch of  a big project, long hours, lots of meetings and a bazillion things that all need to happen now (or preferably yesterday).

The dogs are keeping us busy and cold in the evenings for walkies, we’ve also had a few new menu wins in the last few weeks – eating more healthily has focused us on menu planning and sticking to things – well apart from the accidental meal out last Thursday evening J what can I say the new leaf is turned over, but I’m not a saint.
On the planning front – sadly we’ve not booked a holiday yet for this year. We really need to be less rubbish with these things L

Bloods next Wednesday – hopefully the new dosage of thyroid meds have worked and that’s not running riot any more (assuming it’s okay because of not needing Bob)
Stay well much love

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